Hcg 32.5, has anyone had this 11dp5dt fet and gone on to be successful?

Hi all, was so happy with my BFP s over the weekend, now concerned bloods are showing a low 32.5 hcg. Another test tomorrow night. Am very anxious about this, has anyone ever had this and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? What will it need to have gone up to? This is so stressful 😩 Thankyou ladies, you are all amazing xxx

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  • Hello big hope, not too sure about what numbers should be but I just wanted to say good luck and I hope your numbers have nudged up by the next test 😊 I know it's difficult. I'm 7 weeks along and my symptoms keep coming and going and I'm always poas to check it's still + only time will tell. Good luck anyway my lovely xxx

  • Hi misswinky, thank you and congratulations! πŸ˜€ Just did a digital test and still reading 1-2 weeks preg so I'm taking that as a good thing ahead of tonight's blood test πŸ™ Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Just a word of caution on the digitals, don't concentrate too much on the weeks part, it's less accurate than the pregnancy test itself. I've whipped myself up in to a right state when it's not moved up to the next stage, and I told myself I wouldn't do it to myself this pregnancy, then they were on offer at tesco and im back to square one πŸ™„Good luck today and let us know how you get on 😊

  • Hello did you get an update on your hcg? 😊Xx

  • Hey misswinky, Thankyou for asking 😊 Had the blood taken tonight so results tomorrow! 😱 how are things for you? Xx

  • They are ok thanks, still poas like a loony lol

    Telling the parents this weekend, doesn't matter how old you are you still dread them conversations lol. It's my mums bday and we managed to find a card that said to grandma from the bump. πŸ‘

    Let us know how you get on 😊 I'm sure it will be fine xxxx

  • Wow sounds amazing, love the card, I've spent years thinking about telling my parents this joyful news! I bought some poas tonight too, just to keep checking! 😱 Will keep you posted, thank you x

  • Preggo tests, the business to be in! πŸ˜‚

  • Yup if only we had shares in them! πŸ˜‰ Xx

  • Hello dear, how did you get on xx

  • Hey misswinky not good news I'm afraid, has dropped to 15 and so looks like I'm losing them πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ totally in pieces and surprised as I thought was going well and still got a positive this morning 😒😒 thanks for asking, hope you're ok xx

  • 😟 Oh no. I'm so very sorry xxxxx

  • It all depends but either way tumour HCG should double every 48 hours. There are ladies that have had a low count and gone into have twins....

  • Thankyou tamtam, I hope you are well. Your message gives me hope! Today's poas still says preg so hoping for the bloods to reflect that πŸ™ Hope you're ok xx

  • The normal range is huge so don't worry about the numbers. Doubling within 48hrs is the biggie. Many women have successful pregnancies in lower range. Enjoy and Congratulatons 😊

  • Aww thank you elynn, it's seems there's always something to worry about! About to have the 48 hour follow up test, hope all is well with you xx

  • So sorry for your news ☹️ Massive hugs

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