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Experience with treatment

Does anybody have an experience with treatment in this clinic reprogenesis.co.uk/? They seem to be in the UK but they are actually in the Czech Republic. I'm considering IVF abroad and this clinic seems reliable to me. They claim to have no waiting time and a donor programme. I'm still hesitating so i need HELP!! thanks so much..

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Hi. I do wish you well with this, if you decide to go abroad for treatment. Remember though, that you need to check out the clinic to see whether the donors are screened before donating eggs/sperm/embryos, against hepatitis/HIV etc. Also you may have to incur costs of interpreters depending upon how the clinic operates. There are lots of successful treatments performed abroad each year, but make sure you “do your homework” before you agree to anything, and perhaps a session with an “implications” counsellor might be advisable too. Kind regards Diane


I N UK have a policy of not recommending or endorsing clinics. In addition individual experiences at clinics can vary so much and although it can be good to have feedback you should always remember that your own personal experience can be very different from that of another individual.

If you post this question on our forums infertilitynetworkuk.com/co... you can ask for feedback through the private message system as any comments on individual clinics will be deleted from this site and from our website. I hope you understand our reasons for this. We also have a factsheet entitled 'Choosing a Clinic' which can be found on our website infertilitynetworkuk.com


Rebecca - have a conversation with your local fertility clinic, you will need to do some scans in the UK prior to treatment (unless you are going out for a long time), so they might be able to help you understand the options as to what is best for you. I don't know about this clinic at all, so don't understand what their set up is - whether they have a UK clinic for the UK based stuff and then you fly out?

If you are having donor treatment, you should probably get some consequences counselling so that you understand the options that are avialble and the pros/cons for each.



thank you so much for your replies. And apologizes to Hannah, I did not know that:( Anyway, I have just consulted with my doctor in the UK as well I asked that clinic how they test the donors. It seems fine. I will be tested in the Czech Rep and recommended the most effective type of treatment..They said they had an extensive database of donors so they can identify the best match for me regarding the physical features as well character traits. They do all set of tests of course. They have also told me about a possibility that involving donor gametes might result in multiple embryos. From my experience with them so far and their on-line presentation I am still more convinced to choose this clinic. I will keep you updated about the result. Thanks again.


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