Anyone experience with this?

Hi again, many of you were kind enough to offer advice and support on a post I had at the weekend relating to my bleeding and cramping 1 hour after finding my first ever heart beat at 6+5. As I stated I was fortunate to get a scan at the Epu the next day who confirmed a heartbeat but couldn't offer an explanation of what was causing the bleeding and cramping. They did suggest that there was a smaller dark shadow underneath the fetal sak which may have been embryo 2 which didn't progress, and this may be leaving my body which may suggest the cramping and bleeding.

I just called my clinic to update them on things and they were quite negative about my chances. They stated that there is a chance that the sak that is coming away could drag the healthy sak with it and there really isn't anything we can do to stop it.

This morning I had no bleeding and fewer cramps but as the afternoon has gone on the cramping has been increasing and the bleeding has returned. The cramping and pressure is generally inbetween my legs/around my vagina and so far all the blood I have seen has been brownish with bits (again sorry for tmi) and I'm still not 100% sure what's causing it.

DH is away for the night for work so I am here hoping you guys can be my sounding post!

I asked when we were hurriedly debating one or two embryos whether one not working could be detrimental to the other and they said no. Just now it feels like that was a lie!

I'm so confused and scared. When should I ask for another scan, is there anything I can do to help, should I stay off work and just sit with my feet up or should I just take it easy but try to live as normally as possible?

Sorry for the essay.

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  • I really don't know what the best advice is and feel for you with this! I would suggest to rest up and call the clinic as soon as they are open. Perhaps they can do another scan?

  • Thank you for replying. My greatest wish is that the cramping stops and I can go back to worrying about nothing!

  • Bless you what utter turmoil :( I had bleeding and cramps after a scan at about 5 weeks was never very heavy was given no reason for it either. I can't offer much advice but I do suggest putting your feet up and resting as much as you can, it is what my clinic recommend for me. Sending all the positive thoughts your way xx

  • Thank you! We have unexplained infertility so you'd think I'd be used to 'the not knowing'! But apparently not.

  • I know my story ended negatively BUT before that when I was bleeding they said they thought it was a cervix erosion I had never heard of this but it's quite common in pregnancy (google it) just thought it may help ease your mind. I would stay off work and rest also don't be afraid to go back to EPU that's what they are there for to support and reassure you xxx

  • Thank you for you help and sorry again for your loss.

    If you don't mind me asking when they said you had cervical erosion did that come with cramping/pinching too?

  • Mine was just bleeding after a speculum examination they thought it was the erosion thing that can happen a lot, your cramps could be things moving and stretching. You must be going out of your mind but on a positive you have a heartbeat try and stay positive X

  • I am absolutely going out of my mind as it seems the second I try relax or find a positive something comes along to slap me back to reality. Very much living hour by hour and day by day.

  • Awww big hugs the uncertainty is defo the worst feeling, I would go back tomorrow explain how anxious you are and ask them to scan and do a speculum examination to check your cervix is closed still. Here if you need anything xxx

  • Hey imd123, when I had my follow up appointment after my failed first attempt I asked my consultant why the never put 2 embryos back in as that was all i had left at day 4 and he said 1 good and 1 not so good embryo can have a detrememtal effect on each other so they would not risk it. However my friend was in exactly the same position as you are now and she was told that they would have to wait until she was 15 weeks and they would try and remove the sac that was not growing, they told her what could go wrong but thankfully all was well with her and she now has a gorgeous wee boy. In the end up they never attempted to remove the failed embryo sac. I know its easier said than done but try to relax and have plenty of rest and I am sure your wee might has every chance.xx

  • Thanks you for replying. I'm sorry you have experienced IVF loss. It's certainly not easy. I feel quite frustrated that the possibility of a failed embryo effecting a positive result. I'm glad your friend had a positive outcome. Do you mind me asking if she had been bleeding and cramping early on? It's the cramping that has me most worried when it comes alongside the bleeding.

  • Morning imd123, yeah she had the same, bleeding and cramping and thats how they discovered her's. What i would say where there is a difference between you and her is that she had 2 heartbeats at her 7 week scan so both embryos were developing at that stage. I would imagine that would maybe have put her more at risk. Your wee embie is fighting fit at the moment by the sounds of it and they have picked up a good strong heartbeat.

    The cramping and bleeding may not even be connected to it. It seems women cramp and bleed for a number or reasons during pregnancy, most of which go unresolved.

    How are you feeling today? Hopefully you are managing to rest and your clinic is looking after you.


  • Afternoon! Thanks for the reply. I decided to take the day off work which I am now glad I did. I haven't had any bleeding since last night yet but still period type pains. The only other weird thing I have that I can't find any reference to on Google is that when I walk I feel like there is something loose wobbling in my...hmmm...lady area?! 😳 So that's stressing me out.

    It never ends!!

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