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Waiting game now!

Hi guys

Been writing for a wee while now as I find its been really helpful getting stuff of my chest about my partner and I's situation.

We got our preliminary results back and his semen analysis came back great so no worries there, and all my swabs came back fine. So the only thing the dpctor told us was that my progesterone surge was very low at 5.3 (It should be about 10 right?) Anyways after that initial shock ( i had tried being positive about the results) we have been referred to the fertility clinic. The doctor phoned me and said we would have a five month wait before our first appiontment??!

Is this normal for all over the UK? I was not expecting it to be such a wait for our first appiontment. How long did you ladies have to wait?

As it is going to be a wait I would like to try as many natural ways to try and increase our chances like accupuncture. Have any of you tried it? Or now what the going rate for sessions are?



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Hi diamondlassy, I had just past the route you are coming. We have been trying for a baby for the last 3 years without success, eventually our GP referred us to a fertility clinic where we had to wait 3 months before our first appointment. After our first appointment things started to move bit faster. We have done all test and we found that my progesterone was low, after which I had been prescribed clomid but unfortunetely it didnt work for us from the fact that I over responded to the smallest dose so in one month I end up with 7-10 eggs, at that point we didnt left with much choice except to start to consider IVF as last option.

I am not sure my answer would be of any help to you, I just wanted to share my experience so far. I wish you best of luck in any of your treatment and hopefully you might conceive naturally.


I did go back to my GP when I was told it was a 6 month wait, and they put in some calls on my behalf, so might be worth an email to your GP?

Good luck


I am too old for NHS i have just turned 41 (so i was told in January) so i was automatically pushed to private IVF ... i went through a mixture of tests anyway it turns out that i have the green light and can move forward with IVF from my next cycle which is March even this process was hard to go through waiting to find what the results are very emotional and i am not even doing the IVF as yet ... sorry but from the information i have read i thought that the progesterone had to be above 30 and below this was considered low maybe double check as it all can be rather confusing ..... also i have heard that have fertility acupuncture is something that could also help i have read some really good reports but it must be a Fertility one ... good luck for the future ....


I had to wait about 4 months, which just seemed far too long, but I now consider myself lucky as many women have had to wait 6+ months. As Flowergirl said, it might be worth chasing things up. I often find if you bug doctors and ask them to speed things up, they usually do even if it's just to get you off their backs.


It is the waiting that has really messed with my head. Fine when I am not ready, but when I am, I want things to move forward as soon as possible. I have had to wait long enough to be a parent.

Good luck


Hi. Just wanted to add that your Day 21 Progesterone test should be >30 to show that you have ovulated that month. Yours is low at the moment, but remember that your hormones can be manipulated throughout your IVF treatment, so hopefully should not be a worry. Regarding “natural” remedies acupuncture and other remedies, why not have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com where you will be able to read about different types of alternative therapies. Fingers crossed that you don’t have to wait too long for your first appointment. Kind regards Diane


Hi Diamondlassy,

Thank you for your blog, it has inspired me to do the same, to get things off my chest too...

I have also had to contend with serious delays in treatment, and can totally appreciate that sense of time running out - I have just recently turned 39, and started my 1st cycle at the same time. It took six weeks to get from my GP to a specialist because my doctor pulled a few strings, and another 4 weeks to get my 1st appointment at the clinic, and 2 months later and I've finally begun. I didn't realise it would take so long, even once you're was accepted you still have to wait your turn.

But an interesting point, I had to skip the HSG (hysterosalpingogram) because my local hospital couldn't offer it for 8 months (WHAT!!) but I was told it can increase your chances of natural conception, though no-one knows why or by how much. Apparently it has something to do with the contrast medium they use - current wisdom claims it flushes out the tubes...

Not much to go on, but it might be worth prodding your doctor again...


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