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Period is late, test says negative??

Hi I have been having tests via ARU, my ladt period was 14th Jan and I had the die test 21st Jan. My cycle is always 27/28 days, I am now 6 days late, I was feeling sick two days ago, three pregnancy tests state negative but I have never missed my period. Could it be anything to do with dye test? I just dont no why I haven't had my period

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I would always suggest that if you are in any doubt go to the doctors and they will test and give you a check up.

Hope you get the answers and result you want.

Saz :)


Hi. Just to wish you good luck with your follow up appointment. It does seem as if one of your little embryos did try hard to continue, so I would hang on to that bit of positive outcome when you have your next round of treatment. Lots to ask your consultant, I'm sure! If we only had some "magic" Blue Tack to keep these little embryos in place! Look after yourself and you know we're all thinking of you. Regards Diane


Soooo sorry about this! I hit the wrong button! Will reply soon. Diane


Hi Nicky. Back again! Any procedure or operation can sometimes upset your menstrual cycle, so perhaps as you thought, you have missed your period because of the dye test you had recently. Obviously, you will mention this at your follow up appointment, and hopefully, your next period will be on cue. Kind regards Diane


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