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how did you choose your ivf clinic? have i made a wise choice?

i chose LWH mostly because it was the closest (2hrs away) i had also heard about it and one of our gp's said it was well reputed. i didnt really know what to expect when we got there, found the consultant a bit unpersonalble (is that a word????) but the nursing staff are so lovely! have heard there was a documentary in jan on the centre which wasnt very inspiring, wish i had and sort of glad i didnt, see it, bit confused!

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Hi, there is more than likly to be one consultant there, and when it comes to actual IVF treatment, it probably depends on who is on shift at the time.

I've talked on here about that documentary, and there is a link someone provided, but

I'm not sure it works. I actually found the programme to be a fairly honest reflection of what happens (esp in the NHS system) and also the liklihood of success - if the stats say 33% success rate, then a lot of cycles and therefore couples will be disappointed if only doing one round so you need to be appropriately shared. It also shows the stress of treatment, for which you need to make sure you have the right support in place.

There are no right or wrong decisions to choosing a clinic. You need to get on with them, but you also need to be able to get there regularly if you are going to go through fertility treatment, as there is a lot of in-cycle monitoring.

If the clinic is 2 hours away, check to see if it has any out-station partnerships with more local clinics - my main clinic was over an hour away, but they worked in partnership with a clinic that was only 15 miles away, so I went there for my scans, but to the main clinic for egg collection/embryo transfer. That might make things easier.

Good luck

FG x


thanks FG, i tried the link and it didnt work. i am getting on with it and dont worry about the 2 hr journey at all. i just need to get it into my head that no matter where i went the odds wouldnt vary that much anyway, was just interested to see where others are being treated and their experience x


Hi. I am assuming you are paying for treatment since you mention seeing an actual doctor? We were referred to LWH last year and unfortunately both times were unsuccessful. We were lucky enough to be eligible for NHS treatment. Throughout both cycles we never once saw or spoke to a doctor (except for both egg collections). After our second attempt failed we were asked if we wanted to speak to one of the DOCTORS about it and further options. We said yes - only to be seen by yet another nurse. I was at an all time low and pleaded to see one of their specialist doctors and we finally got to see Mr Jones. Overall,the nursing staff were great, the embryologists were informative and sensitive. I believe that IVF is my only hope but I will be choosing a different clinic as soon as I have the £5000!!! I feel that as soon as our cycles were over it was like "sorry, come again when you have money". I still have so many questions and still feel very low. Hopefully, you will get better results. Keep positive - and remember, much of it is pure lady luck and out of your hands.



I searched and found Fertility Care, i did my research and will be starting IVF shortly .... i have recently had undergone scans and blood tests and the nursing staff are amazing and always there to assist, the consultant/doctor i am seeing is there on hand and has been present at the scan he is down to earth very honest speaking good or bad and i like that about him and trust him.... i also have a care assistance who calls to check how i am the service is exceptional so far not a bad negative word to say.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems, my friend watched the TV program and i have to say she told me that it wasn't good i missed it.

Good Luck with the processes


Hi, We also went through LWH as after researching we found that they are supposed to be the best in the country. They are about 40 mins drive away from us. We were given a 10% chance of sucess which is very low. After a very long journey I am now 17 weeks pregnant at 39 years old after my first cycle of IVF. I did see the TV programme and although it did give the impression that not many couples are successful I am living proof that miracles do happen! I also found the initial consultant not very personable but you mainly see the nursing staff anyway, after my second consultation I didn't see him again! It can be such an emotional strain and I really hope you are as lucky as we were! x


thank you for replying Hawksworth and many congrats on your pregnancy!!! you have perked me up massively!!! we have also been only been given a 10% chance and are only able to fund 1 cycle so have everything crossed! due for 1st scan on the 6th and praying that the drugs (massive doses) will do their job, will let you all know how it goes :-)


Oh I am glad, I had all my drugs delivered then had to have 3 top ups just to make sure!! Yes let us know how you get on and I will also keep everything crossed for you!! x


hi hawksworth, how are u doing? well been through to hell and back this month! things were going so well then went crash at the final hurdle, so were told we may get 1 egg, we got 3, great, they all fertilized, brill, 1 blasto transferred, other 2 left to see if suitable to freeze. 4 days post transfer, started bleeding, full on period devastated, then bad news that other 2 didnt make it so no chance of fet, absoleutley devastated :-(


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