I think I have a Miscarriage


I've been struggling with PCOS for a long time (11years), I got married in December 2016 and TTC for one month and Tadaa! it was positive... I can't begin to describe my joy watching that test kit showing 2lines in slow motion. It was a very early detection probably still in its first 10days according to my calculation from ovulation date.

That same day i travelled... a long journey from Nigeria through Addis Ababa to Bedfordshire. It was tiring (2days) but i was so excited i didnt mind. On the second day after my arrival I saw my period, it was as if the world had stopped for a moment. I didn't know whether to cry or scream I was just shaking in fear and shock, I wanted to believe it was a bad dream I still do. It was heavy flow on the first 2days then it reduced. It is 5days today and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow which i have to reschedule because of a fixed compulsory class.

I'm feeling very alone i just want to cry my heart out, I don't have my husband around to cry with me... please everybody pray with me that my baby is still in there and strong and healthy.

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  • Sometimes very early positive pregnant tests show 'chemical pregnancies'. I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but you might want to google it and read about that.

    I'm hoping for the best for you. X

  • Very sorry to hear you're alone and frightened. I completely understand how you're feeling torn between the loss and hope. I wish you all the very best, comfort and strength xoxo

  • So sorry to hear u r going thru this alone.i think once the doctor confirms what is going on at least u can then deal with the outcome.a period like bleed is most likely your period, however, women do sometimes get bleeds in pregnancy-i wish for u that u r one of these.let us know how u get on, big hugs xxx

  • Hi sorry to hear u r going thru this alone.i think everyone is right once the doctor confirms what is going on at least u can go from there . Try not too stress too much as that doesn't help. Some females actually have their Periods and while pregnant wish for u all the best

  • Hi Mwaleedah. So sorry to hear all of this, and obviously just wanted to wish you huge luck for when you see your doctor tomorrow. I do have many ladies who have to endure long arduous journeys, flying etc. and often their pregnancies do survive in spite of small bleeds. Thinking of you. Diane

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