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Could I be pregnant with a low HCG level of 12, twelve days after a 2 day transfer?

Can anybody help me please or if you have been in a similar situation you might tell me your outcome??

I had egg collection 2 weeks ago today ( Jan 31) and 2 Embryos Were transferred 2 days later ( Feb 2). So I am on day 12 today. I have done 2 pregnancy tests each morning for the last four days. Clear Blue digital has said each day pregnant 1-2 weeks, and 'First Response' has said negative each day with the same urine. I rang the clinic today, which was my day to test explained my dilemma and they told me come for a blood test. The blood test revealed HCG 12, and according to the nurse it must be 25+ to be pregnant and -3 to be negative. So she said all I can do is come back Monday , 4 days time for another blood test. Is there any chance I could be pregnant?

I am so worried.

Any advice at all would be so gratefully received.

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Honey, that sounds low at this time, but what is important is if it doubles within 48 hours, so I'm sorry that you will have a really tough weekend waiting for your 2nd test.

Hopefully it is just a slow developer at this time, so when you re-test it will have gone up and you are therefore pregnant.

I understand there are two further possibilities for why you have this level, one is from the residual drugs from your trigger injection, some of which use HCG. The other potential is that you were at the early stages of pregnancy, and it hasn't continued, and only because of your early testing you have detected it.

They really do need to test again to rule out anything else, such as ectopic which is rare but potential, and in that case the HCG gives different readings.

When I had my one positive from IVF, both the digital and those non-digital with the test lines were showing a positive response. I didn't follow up with the blood tests at the 4 weeks mark, instead waiting for a scan at the 6-7 weeks to see a sac and heartbeat. At that scan, we discovered there was no sac/heartbeat. They then tested my HSG, and this was still at the level of 69, but through retesting over a number of days, it did fall slowly (I think it roughly halved over 48 hours, but can't fully rememer because of the trauma I was going through).

Really thinking of you over this weekend. Good luck.

FG x


Thanks so much FG for getting back to me . Really appreciate it.

I know my chances are really really slim. All I can do is Hope and Pray.

I am so sorry to hear what you went through FG, how awful for you. It really is awful what does HPT can do to your heart. Terrible to find out at the scan, must have been truly heartbreaking for you.

I am feeling much stronger today probably because I didn't do a test this morning!! Will keep you updated. Thanks so much for replying xxxx


Hi. I think that “Flowergirl” has explained very well your dilemma. Terribly cruel to be kept dangling on a piece of string like this, but unfortunately, as you realise, you just have to sit it out until Monday. Thinking of you both at this time. Kind regards Diane


Thanks Diane for replying . I have more or less accepted that the cycle has failed, just waiting to be told officially on Monday. Will let you know either way. Thanks x


Hi hun, yes, stay away from the hpts now, really thinking of you.


Hi girls. I got a little bleed night so that's it now , officially over!! The AF will be flowing in a day or so now . They usually start for me like this , a little spotting first. I am not going to go to the clinic today, I,will just ring them and ask them to make an appointment for a follow up consultation with the doctor. So that we can discuss when we can go again.

I was upset alright last night but not surprised. Had been prepared for the worst.

Thanks so much to you both for replying to me. I know everyone on these forums has gone through their own heartache so I really appreciate it. Xxx

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Oh, what a shame. Take some time to recover by physically and mentally before going again, but it is great that you are already planning your next go. x


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