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Coffee And IVF

I'm always on the look out for IVF news and I came across an article that said women undergoing IVF shouldn't drink anymore than 5 cups of coffee a day. Apparently it can have the same "Devastating" effect as smoking during treatment does.

I've had IVF and I have a gorgeous little boy, and although I'm not a coffee drinker, I love my tea (I'm British, it's what we do :) ). Does anyone know if I should cut down on the amount of tea I drink if I was to undergo IVF again (Not sure that I will, but it's an option).

Hope all are well.

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Hi rachel.

I have recently had ivf and they told me one cup of tea or coffee aday and to switch to decaf. And this is what i did. To be honest they taste the same and i would say try it.

Hope this helps.

Saz :)


Tea has lower caffeine levels, but I would personally restrict myself to 2 cups a day on that too.


I have decaf most of the time!


Thank you, I might just try to wean myself off so much caffeine so it's not a big struggle if and when I go for IVF again. Will miss that first cuppa of the day tho! :)


I am currently awaiting our appointment at the infertillity clinic. I have changed over today to decaf coffee, i have had one so far and waiting for my second and last of the day - doesnt taste any different although i do have a cracking headache but I will keep with it!! :-) x


All the best with your appointment :) and I hope your headache passes soon.

I've started to wean myself off caffeine and have bought decaff tea bags. Apart from my morning cuppa when I need caffeinated tea before my brain starts to work, I have decaff every other time and like you said, it tastes the same.

I read somewhere an apple has as much caffeine in it as a cup of tea, but I can't imagine it would be as satisfying! :)


One thing my clinic say is to not be too extreme and worry about some of these diet things, the occassional coffee (or glass of wine) will be beneficial to your mental health and well being rather than stressing about complete abstinence/beating yourself up if you slip


Thank you Flowergirl, it makes sense. I guess it's ok to 'Treat' yourself now and again. :)


Hi I'm on my 2ww now an we was told to have 1-2 cups of ANY caffeine a day including my hubby. I'm don't really drink tea or coffee but I liked fizzy pop an that was a massive no no.

The week before ER and his sample he had none.

Good luck and lots of baby dust x


And a treat is what it's all about.. We're only human an the lady's go through a lot through the IVF process x


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