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Is there any help for us out there for ivf when we carnt get nhs help plz some1 help

I've got a son to a ex partner and my fiancé as got a son to his ex partner that he dosnt see through his sons mams choice but we are wanting a baby together I have had all my investigations and I have 2 blocked Fallopian tubes and have to have them removed in new year but my consultant told me I won't get ivf on nhs and we are struggling to get the money together is there any help out there for us plz someone help

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I am really sorry you are being denied access to treatment because your partner has a child from his previous partner. Lots of PCTs use this criteria to ration treatment and it's always worth trying to appeal against the decision. You should write to your PCT asking them to reconsider the decision which is not based on the criteria set by the NICE Guideline, and also write to your MP and copy the Secretary of State for Health. We have some template letters which might help you - the links are not working on our website at the moment but if you email me susanseenan@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send you the letters.

I hope this helps, best of luck



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