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Don't just read it in the news - come along and ask questions at the Fertility Show

Lots in the news today about fertility related issues ahead of the Fertility Show on Friday & Saturday.

"The problem is that men always say they had a mate who partied a lot and he had kids. But everyone is different - he may have had testicles the size of a house. Or his wife might be extra fertile." Just one comment shared in todays Evening Standard by Allan Pacey, who is soon to be the next Chair of the British Fertility Society.

Dr Pacey is just one of the speakers with a 'way with words', presenting at this years Fertility Show. His seminar entitled "What men need to know about their fertility - testing it, boosting it, treating it" takes place on both days, usually to a full house.

You can read the full article by clicking the link below:


The Sun also have a fertility focus, this time on age. 'What is your Fertility Age' shares some surprising results with five women aged 27-32. It might read quite shockingly to some who assume that it's easy to get pregnant as long as you're not over 40. A sadly common misconception.

You can read the full story on the link below.


Zita West will be giving advice and sharing ways to boost your own chances of conception by combining the latest medical thinking with practical advice on nutrition, emotional and psychological management and complementary therapies in her seminars on Friday & Saturday.

Many clinics now offer Fertility MOT or Fertility Testing services for people considering when might be a good time to think about starting their families. There will of course be lots of clinicis exhibiting at the Fertility Show, but more importantly than the bright stands themselves are the people behind the there to answer your questions.

I've seen a few tweets from people suggesting the show is commercial - of course it is; it needs to look attractive, it needs to be professional, it needs to have the best in the business there - from NHS & Private clinics, in the UK and overseas.

But the exhibition is just a small part of the Fertility Show experience; it's the carefully selected seminars that provide the focus for the majority of visitors. An opportunity to hear from the experts, find out what treatments might be available for them in their own clinic, at another clinic or in another country.

This year has a packed programme, put together having read and listended to visitor feedback. The show is evolving to meet the needs of the growing number of people who need fertility treatment, those who want to go in to it with their eyes open, blinkers off and with an awareness of the support that is there for them along the way.

This years programme is available by clicking the link below - you can help to create next years by completing your feedback form after you've been!


It might be a bit contravesial, a bit judgemental and possibly even sexist - but I'll close with another Allan Pacey comment from the Evening Standard...

"Dr Pacey says women are more sensible and will change their habits if they want to become mothers. But men just head down the pub and go into denial over fertility problems."

I'm assuming if you're reading this you're most likely to be a woman - be sensible, come along and find out what's available for you and if you're in a heterosexual relationship bring your man along too, there's lots there (honest!)



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