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Things to do in the 2WW

Things to do in the 2WW

Just been posting in response to Emma12 on the INUK site, but thought I might duplicate the post here too. Emma was struggling in the middle of the 2WW and it made me think we should have a thread of things to do in the 2WW, with people posting their ideas, plans and what they actually did.

I think this will help with developing plans and strategies, and also, help those who have gotten to the middle of it and are beginning to go slightly mad!

So, as in a week's time, I'm beginning my 3rd 2ww, this is what I plan to do:

- I will be working from home for half a day (so logging into work, and will do some small projects). I'm then on leave for the other half of the day.

- I've got a bunch of books lined up - including some Marian Keyes and also One Day.

- I'm going to do all my Christmas shopping online (will be home to receive it).

So, please post here what your plans and strategies are.


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That's a really good idea FG, it's always good to share strategies for coping in various situations like the 2WW. I hooe your 2ww goes in quickly

Perhaps someone might also start one on things to do while waiting for treatment, or coping in the run up to Christmas?

Susan x


I'm starting my first IVF cycle soon. Depending on the timings there's a chance that my 2ww will be over Christmas and possibly new Year too. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. Good in that I'll be off work and there'll be lots going on. Bad in that it could ruin that whole time. I'm lining up good books to read and films to watch too and will be practicing daily relaxation exercises. I recently bought a Zita West meditation CD designed for IVF. I've not used it yet but will use it daily once my cycle starts. I've also bought Alice Domar's book 'Conquering Infertility' and have found what I've read so far very helpful. I'll use these techniques too. I'm also lining up some little projects such as organising all my digital photos and make digital photo books up.

In terms of coping with the whole process more generally, I'm viewing it as being a positive process whatever the outcome. Either I'll get pregnant or I hope I'll find out more about the reasons for not being. I'm trying to think of it all more as being an extended round of tests that will answer the latter rather than being a way to get pregnant. Hope that makes sense?

Good luck!


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