2ww finally over

Hi ladies,

My 2ww is finally over and I'm due at the hospital today for the results. I have tested at home and it's positive but until the doctor confirms this I dint want to get my hopes up. Is it just a pregnancy test they do today or a scan? I have had really bad pain and all I can think is the worst. I was told I'm more prone to have an eptopicpregnancy pregnancy so all I can think is that. Surly I should be over the moon but I'm just so worried. Any help ladies

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  • Hey saminmichael,

    I don't know what they do with the test as haven't got that close but wanted to wish you lots and lots of luck. I'll be thinking about you both today x

  • At this stage it's too early for a scan, so I'd say they will test hCG levels. They normally start scanning at 6 weeks. I didn't even get a blood test, they relied on the hpt and then scanned at 6 weeks. I was told if I was to check hCG, they would have to bring me back in 48 hours after the initial test to check it's doubling, so you may have to go back in 2 days again but this is normal.

    A little bit of cramping seems to be fairly normal in early pregnancy, try not to worry. Best of luck with it!

  • Wishing you good luck xx

  • Good luck xx

  • Likely be just a blood test today. Good Luck xxx

  • Hello

    Congratulations! I had quite a bit of cramping so hopefully it's nothing to worry about but keep your clinic (or GP aware) just in case. I had my scan at 7 weeks and 5 days. They don't like to scan much before this as the baby is obviously very small and they might not be able to see the heartbeat yet. The wait feels like an eternity!

    Good luck x

  • Congratulations and good luck for today. It's normally a beta blood test to measure hcg levels Xx πŸ’—

  • Hi all,

    They did a pregnancy test and due to my tubes been blocked there scanning me at 6 week. They have booked this for 11th December do another 2ww for that. Thank you all for the good lucks and it still doesn't seem real. Good luck to you all xx

  • It's just a series of 2ww!! :-)

  • Good luck xx

  • Your right t love it's never ending the waiting. I just want to make everything is going OK and growing right x

  • Good luck! I found the wait for the scan worse than the 2ww because I kept thinking what if. Try and keep yourself busy and look after yourself! I had some pain still, mainly when moving suddenly, stretching, coughing or sneezing. I think it was just my ovaries from EC. When I went for 7wk scan nurse told me they were both the size of lemons still (that doesn't bear thinking about does it!)

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