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Infertility after ectopic pregnancy

Hi everyone,

I suffered an ectopic pregancy two years ago which was absolutely heartbreaking as the pregnancy was planned and wanted more than anything else in the world. Since then we have been unable to conceive. I know I only have one tube now but I was told by the consultant that this didnt matter and that i was likely to fall pregnant again without any problems. Is there anyone else is this situation? Any feedback would be greatly accepted xx

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Hi. Only just spotted your post! So sorry to hear that you had suffered an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the loss of one of your tubes. Unfortunately, something that will remain with you for a while, but hopefully you are getting over the surgery OK. If all went well following the operation and no infection occurred, then your other tube should remain patent. Providing you are young and have regular intercourse, then you still have a good chance of conceiving naturally, although it will take a little longer than normal due to only having one functioning tube. Fingers crossed that all works out well for you both, but if you haven’t managed to fall pregnant after twelve months, then it might be an idea to get your GP to refer you for a check up.

Diane Arnold


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