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Is something wrong?

I was first pregnant nearly six years ago when I was 19 and was forced to have a termination by my boyfriend... I've been trying to get pregnant ever since and nothing is happening! Whenever I tried to talk to a doctor in the past they didn't take me seriously and said I was too young to be worrying about it. Because of this I am nervous about going back to the doctor now that I am abit older as I can't face being ignored or being made to feel like I am wasting their time again. Has anyone had problems concieving after a termination?

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Hi there

The fact that you have been trying to get pregnant for more than three years, might be because you have a fertility problem. Unfortunately, after miscarriages and similar problems, there is always a slight risk that your Fallopian tubes might have become blocked by a mild infection at the time. Unfortunately, we are not always aware we have any infection, so given your history, it would seem appropriate to ask your GP for a referral for further investigations. Meanwhile, why don’t you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and you will be able to see how we can support you further at this time. Naturally, I do wish you well, and hope that you will be able to have your longed for baby.

Diane Arnold


i have p.c.o.s last time i was pregnant i had to have a c section as i was having a ectopic i struggled since until i spoke to a Chinese herbal shop i seen one of there own doctors and im currently receiving help on conceiving my answer to you if english nhs dont want to know try another source of doctor they didnt want to help me because of my age but now im getting help at a cost yes but it the best help ive had so far


i am on these tablets that help clean the tubes and help conceive healthy its worth looking into but like i said does cost i pay £20 a week for my tablets which i have 15 a day ive never felt more happier my periods are better and along with it im closer each day to conceive i also take tests to find out when im ovulating the more u do yourself the more better u have of having a child


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