Am I worrying over nothing or is something wrong?

Morning all,

Following IVF I got a BFP on 1st November. Today I should be exactly 6 weeks pregnant. Since i got the BFP I have done weekly pregnancy tests. For the first time this morning I did a clear blue digital test with conception indicator. I was expecting it to read that I was 3+ weeks pregnant from conception which would make me officially 5+ weeks pregnant. However, the test says 2-3 weeks. This has sent me into a blind panic!! My only hope is that the result has be tainted because I didn't do it on my first morning wee (I forgot so had a large glass of water and then did it). Would this effect the result? My first scan isn't until next Tuesday and I think I'll have gone out of my mind by then.

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  • Don't panic honey, the tests are notorious for not being correct and accurate. If you are going to worry take a blood test and the beta or hcg levels are infallible😘

  • agree, I remember having a high hcg levels on the 2nd week of my "pregnancy" but then those two lines "magically" disappeared. and basically that was my last time even doing the test in my life.

  • you know you could easily influence the results with not doing the test properly so if I was you I wouldn't worry before your first scan. and as it has been said already, maybe do some bloods or hcg (btw what is your hcg level right now, do you know?). in my opinion, you should calm yourself down! and wait till your first scan.

    I don’t know if my words make sense to you, but I genuinely hope that everything is okay with you and your future tests and scans will show only great results.


  • Yes def! I did one at 6 weeks pregnant and got 2-3 because it wasn't FMU, please don't panic and always use aFMU with those tests, plus everyone's levels rise at different rates but it does not mean anything is wrong xx that's the problem when u keep testing but I understand why, I did loads! I couldn't help myself xx I am sure all is fine xx

  • I never got a 3+ and gave up after week 9. Were 33 weeks now x

  • Thank you all for your responses - it has really helped to put my mind at ease. Fingers crossed for the 7 week scan next Tuesday. x

  • Hi,don't try to panic much...try to b stress free...I got bfp on 8 November n my first scan is on8 December..long way but I m trying to b positive n relax...I hv not used any home pregnancy kits yet in ths cycle...wish u healthy pregnancy...

  • Thank you. Congratulations and I wish you a healthy pregnancy too. I don't suppose it'll feel real until I've had that 7 week scan. xx

  • Thats true but we already hv our little one inside us...I m also wishing 8 December to come seems you are 1 week ahead me...

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