WTF is wrong with people?!

Sorry guys but I need to vent! Just tried to rush out of work to get to clinic open evening when receptionist at work calls me over to ask a question. Wants to know if I am pregnant?! The timing is bloody comical! So wanted to say no, I'm infertile and off to see a clinic to try and fix that! Why do people think they have a right to ask? And why did I feel the need to entertain it and make up some crap excuse and acknowledge I am just fat! Argh!

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  • I don’t know how people get to adulthood without knowing that it’s rude to ask people if they are pregnant... even if they are pregnant, if they wanted you to know they would tell you. Sometimes I think i would like to have an advertising campaign nationwide to tell supposedly mature adults this simple fact.

  • I know! People definitely need educating on what is appropriate or not x

  • I have never asked anyone if they were pregnant even before ttc myself and then finding out there were issues. I've waited for other people to tell me even if I had guessed. It's such an intrusive question and none of their business. Of course it's even worse if you can't conceive in the first place. I just don't understand why people think it's OK to ask. Hopefully she won't ask again but maybe have a response ready in case she or other nosey people feel the need to ask.

    Good luck hope you get a BFP and can show off to scan pics to her soon.

  • Thanks lovely. I think that lady might be last to know if it ever happens for us😂

  • Seriously some people are so rude and heartless,, when they know I don’t have kid yet and struggling with the emotions , when I asked why I was not told or invited about the prayers meet up and when I got the reply from one of the group.. ‘oh that meet up is for who have kids’ ... what should I do ?? How would i have reacted ??? Nothing :( but only with tears..

  • It's really difficult isn't it. I find that at the moment I don't want to be around pregnant friends but at the same time I would hate to feel excluded from my friendship groups because I was childless. It's a bit of a catch 22 situation half the time and nothing seems like a good fit x

  • Crazy people god is there for everyone not just people with kids

    I understand my people question my faith, but I tell them it is not faith, it is people who try and control things. Stay blessed I will pray for you

  • Thank you, you too xxx

  • Some people don't think 😡 It's same at family occasions oh you two will be next to have kids or is there the sign of pitter patter or my absolutely fav - about time you gave me some grandkids. Yeah if only you knew. The temptation to say F off!!! Big hugs to you Hun, this is an ace place to get things off your chest Xx

  • Thanks mrs! It is indeed the place to let of some steam when all you really want to do is tell someone to wind their neck in 👊

  • Inappropriate doesn't even come close. I was asked by a colleague recently if I was "ever going to get around to having children or did I only have enough love for my cat". I politely dismissed her but I really wanted to embarrass her by telling her the truth. If/when our IVF journey is successful I will delight in telling her how upsetting throw away questions like that can be. But this was no where near as hurtful as when I arrived at work one day to everyone congratulating me on being pregnant. Some paperwork had been circulated showing I was going on maternity leave. They had put it next to the wrong name. Coincidentally it was day 1 so I knew I definitely wasn't pregnant...... again. Telling everyone "nope, not me" all day was pretty soul destroying.

  • It's horrible isn't it. The 'well, not yet anyway' comment when I shut her down was the icing on the cake. We've kept our fertility struggles largely to ourself, with the exception of a few close friends. I think it is the right decision for us as I just feel that I would be living my life under a microscope if everyone knew but when things like this happen, part of my wishes that I could just be open and tell people to get lost xxx

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