Just waiting for something to go wrong!

Hi guys, not sure if I'm posting in the right place (if wrong apologies).

I currently 8weeks pregnant after my fresh embryo transfer. Have suffered with sever Ohss and have been in and out of hospital. 2years ago I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I'm starting to get more worried about the effects of ohss on the developing pregnancy. Had anyone got any advice or had similar situation and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

Sorry for the long post just after any advice xx

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  • Hi Amy - congratulations on your pregnancy :) I don't have any advice re OHSS, sorry, but I just wanted to wish you well x x x

  • Hi AmylCollins. Do try and not let the fact you suffered with OHSS worry you. Your little ne will be quite safe, and I'm sure you will have been encouraged by your first scan of your little one. You've now past the time when you sadly lost your first pregnancy, which too is encouraging. Hopefully you will have met your midwife by now, who will look after you. I shall be thinking of you - keep safe and well. Diane

  • I have not even told my gp yet as have be being treated by early pregnancy unit, should I still tell them? Sorry this is all very new to me xx

  • Hi AmylCollins. Yes, you need to get everything confirmed by your GP so that you can get a midwife referral. he/she will look after you and ensure you are looked after properly. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Amy. Huge congratulations! I'm sorry, I don't know anything about OHSS, but I am also early on in my pregnancy - nearly 11 weeks - and I just wanted to reply and reassure you that you're not the only one spending the whole time worrying! I had a very early miscarriage last time and despite being a few weeks past that time now and everything being OK on the 8 week scan, I am still over-analysing every little twinge and pain - I keep having to remind myself to calm down and enjoy it.

    Also, as Diane said, I would definitely advise telling your GP and seeing a midwife ASAP. They will be able to answer all of your questions and also give you numbers you can call at any time to speak to a midwife if you are worried about anything, which should help to ease any concerns you have. I didn't even have to see my GP, I just called and told my surgery I was pregnant and they booked me in with the midwife straight away. They will also get you booked in for your 12 week scan.

    Wishing you all the best for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy! Xx

  • Thank you and congratulations to you to. I am definitely over analysing everything. I'm getting scanned every week for fluid and baby so all seems to be going well so they tell me. I just want the fluid to go down then I might be able to relax a bit. I will ring my gp tomorrow to let them know. X

  • Ah hun, no wonder you can't relax. It sounds like they are looking after you really well though and that your little bubba is going strong. I've got everything crossed that the fluid goes down and you can relax soon. Lots of love. Xx

  • Wishing u all the best xxx

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