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Can clear blue positive pregnancy test be wrong?

Hi I finished a second unsuccessful cycle of ivf treatment before Xmas . I had a consultation with the doctor last week who told me my eggs are the issue and suggested egg doner . I'm a week late with my period and have just done 2 pregnancy tests today 1 was negative 2 nd has a faint cross ie pregnant , could this be a mistake ? Or am I pregnant ?

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Hi there.

Sorry to hear of yiur problems.

I have just had ivf cancelled for a similar reason and know how hard it is.

If i were you i would try to get an appointment with the specialist or your gp. They will do a blood test to see if yiu are pregnant. My specialist said that home testing kits can be inaccurate after ivf because they pick up on hormones that are apparent after the ivf whether succesful or not. So they said the only way to tell is a bloodtest.

I hope that it is good news and even if not you stick with it. Q

Were all heading for the same goal and we are here for eachother whatevrr.

So good luck and hopefully you will report back to us.

Saz :)


Will go to GP today and let you know


I like the digital pg tests as it very clearly says whether you have the pregnancy hormone for that reason.


Hi Minty. It’s such a nuisance when pregnancy test results aren’t clear cut! Mostly, they are pretty accurate, but as Saz says, it’s always best to get it confirmed with a blood test if there is any doubt. Fingers crossed for you. Diane


Thanks Diane

Went to GP they said they don't do blood tests any more ! But assured me I am pregnant ... Have midwife on 14/2/13 if all is ok miracles do happen .. 2 failed IVF, told it won't happen with my own eggs ... Then I conceive naturally ..

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Got my fingers crossed for you!


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