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Fretting about using frozen embryo - worried history will repeat

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Hi all

This time last year I had a FET and carried my baby for 12 weeks before realising there was a problem. It was only at the NHS 12 week scan that we discovered significant issues existed, the tests that followed showed that our baby had Trisomy 18 Edwards Syndrome and we took the decision to interrupt the pregnancy. I can't describe the grief attached to this.

Anyhow. I have an embryo left from the same egg collection as my T18 little girl.

I am worried because its from the same batch about whether it is likely therefore to suffer the same fate. It is not PGT-A tested. I've been advised not to test it because of thawing it, testing it, re freezing it and then thawing it again.

Doctors say that being from the same egg collection makes no difference because the eggs are all distinct from one another. Our kayrotyping has come back fine.Am I worrying for no reason? Has anyone had an experience they can share relative to this?

I've been scared to use this embryo.

Thank you

21 Replies
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Hi hun, I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's a heartbreaking thing to experience and totally understandable to be worried 😥

Just to reassure you, I sent away 20 embryos for PGT-A testing, but none came back with the same abnormality. I had a few that were abnormal, but they were all different and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it just random. I know everyone is different, but if your karotype was good then it's likely it will be the same for you also. Sending love 💗 xx

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Skittles11 in reply to Chel91

Thank you for sharing this, it's helped put into context that all embryos are different even when they are from the same batch. I think I'm just getting myself worried about the possibilities. I appreciate the reassurance...Good luck for whatever's next for you xx

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I think its totally normal to worry, especially when you have had such a terrible experience previously. I haven't been there myself so I can't give you definitive commentary but from all my research what your clinic says seems to tally - each egg is very individual and there is no correlation across them. You had hideous hideous bad luck last time, surely that means this time round its good luck time for you. Sending you a huge reassuring hug xx

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Skittles11 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you lovely lady. I've just been thinking "what's next for us" and I know I still have this embryo in storage but I've been afraid to contemplate using it. The responses on this page, as usual, have been really helpful xx ps. Am so pleased to have seen your news earlier this week

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I completely understand and would feel the same way. It would be extremely bad luck to happen again and the drs have said it’s very doubtful - try to trust in that. You can get the harmony test done at 10 weeks - that made me feel so much better. You never know, this may be the one! 💕🍀Xx

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Skittles11 in reply to Gempuddleduck

Hi Gem, that's a good point and if we were to achieve a pregnancy again I would definitely be wanting tests done at the earliest possible opportunity. My mind has been going into overdrive wondering what to do next (as you'll know), I've been really worried about using this embryo. I know there's a good chance it won't implant but I really feel I can't face TFMR again, as you'll understand xx

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Gempuddleduck in reply to Skittles11

I completely understand xx

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I think the doctors are right. One bad egg doesn't mean all others are bad. I would go for it and probably do the NIPT test at 10 weeks to make sure all is good. I know it's only 2 week difference from the 12 week scan but when you are pregnant every day of worry feels like a lifetime.

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Skittles11 in reply to Marisa32

So true! I will certainly be wanting tests carried out as early as possible, as you say every second drags when you are anxious and scared xx

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Hey Skittles, we have chatted before due to our sadly shared experience of TFMR.

Just to give you some hope and to anyone else reading it who needs it.... As you know we lost our son due to T13. Then we had an early miscarriage after which was likely due to a chromosome abnormality.

I was very apprehensive about transferring another embryo from the same batch - they were all not tested as clinic does not test for older mums. We passed the NIPT, and today everything went smoothly with our 20w anomaly scan.

The journey is still anxious given our experience but I am daring to hope. I hope this brings some small comfort to you. We can always chat via PM x

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Skittles11 in reply to Junk41

It really warms my heart to see this news, both for you and in the context of my worries. And it does give me some hope - thank you for that, this does provide comfort especially coming from a fellow TFMR mama xx gentle congratulations to you xx

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I recently decided to thaw a frozen embryo for testing and looked into the attrition rates. Apparently there’s a greater chance of survival if the embryo is good quality initially. That being said the chances of it being damaged are still quite low. I think it was about 4% of good quality and 8% if not so good quality, these were the results for my clinic I think. Btw our embryo was abnormal so we won’t be refreezing & thawing it.

I guess the main questions to consider are a) how much do you believe in PGTA testing because if it’s abnormal no clinic will implant it and b) would you physically and emotionally have the resources to go through another potential miscarriage.

Sending you strength & luck!


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Skittles11 in reply to RebeccaTheo

Yeah I think I was told similar statistics in terms of the attrition rates and the embryo quality. Our embryo is 4BB and two embryologists independently advised us not to test. Before our TFMR I was not wanting to PGT- A test anything because we don't get many embryos however after our experience we will and have been testing fresh embryos. Thanks for your reply xx

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It is always said, new embryo, new pregnancy and that’s why we should not worry - as hard as it is. I don’t have any similar experience except for loosing one natural pregnancy to trisomy15 and then having 2 ivf embryos testing normal. So for us there was no pattern of chromosomal abnormalities, let alone it being the same one. Good luck with the transfer when you decide to go ahead. xx

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Skittles11 in reply to pink_lemon

Thank you for your reply. It's probably just the fear rather than any rational perspective. I was just anxious that there may be much more likelihood if they were from the same batch however from what the doctors have said, and from reading the responses that seems unlikely. Xx

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Hi lovely,

I can completely understand your worries, every single step of this journey is emotionally hard and I’m so sorry for your previous loss 💔

We had a batch of 9 embryos PGT tested after our 5th fail.

1 didn’t survive the thaw, 1 had T18 and 1 had T13 so weren’t refrozen.

2 were low level mosaic and 4 were normal.

My point being that all embryos are different and statistically from one batch you will have some with chromosomal issues and some without.

I would also be scared to transfer again, but I also know that I would always think “what if” if we didn’t….

Whatever you decide will be the right choice regardless xxx

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Skittles11 in reply to Millbanks

Thank you Millbanks. I'm just very fearful of the same thing happening again which is why we have been testing any fresh embryos (not that we've had many to test) from new cycles. It seems from the responses and the doctors that the fact this embryo came from the same egg collection holds little significance when it comes to its viability. Am grateful for your input and hope all is well with you xx

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Hi skittles, after all the trauma and pain I think your concerns are completely understandable and valid. Ask all the questions you need to of your clinic, hopefully they can provide you with answers. Nothing about going through treatment after loss is easy, but you’ve got this. Keep going. Thinking of you and sending so much strength and well wishes xxx

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Skittles11 in reply to MakingbabyN

Thank you lovely for your wise and supportive words. This is good advice, I think I will arrange another chat with the clinic just to help put my mind at rest. I hope things with you are going well xx

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Hi Skittles - I’ve no experience of what you’re facing as I’m new to ivf but I just wanted to send love and good wishes for whatever you decide ❤️

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Skittles11 in reply to Clayhugs

That's very kind of you, thank you xx

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