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About to start drugs for the frozen embryo transfer. Anyone used HRT drugs before?

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I have PCOS , we managed to get 10 embryos in the freezer which was great and then covid hit so we had to stop.

We've now been told we can start the process of drugs (injections, pills and pessaries) and hopefully at the end of the month we can do our frozen embryo transfer.

Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this stage and how it was. I'm dreading all the injections and pessaries especially as all the injections for the egg collection was a lot plus was told some of the drugs (HRT) ones I could be on for months with a lot of side effects.


10 Replies
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HRT is very common for medicated FET. Ive taken it for all of my FET's and havent had too many side effects but yes some people do get side effects but you wont know until you try. Its much easier on the body than a fresh cycle so hopefully you should feel this too and you do kind of get used to injecting....get better at it with practice. Good luck.xx

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JustStarting1 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you appreciate it. Just need to see how it goes I guess. Good luck to you too x

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Hi Starting. it's a nice easy way to prepare your endometrial lining ready for transfer, so is often used. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

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Hi JustStarting,

I did a FET in January and used HRT. I found the frozen cycle an absolute breeze compared to the fresh one so try not to worry. I really don’t think I had any side effects from the HRT.

What injections are you going to be on?x

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JustStarting1 in reply to KiboXX

Oh that's great to hear. Glad there wasn't many side effects for you. I'll be taking fyremadel which I took for the egg collection and lubion injections. The pessaries are called cyclogest...so will just need to see what happens. X

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KiboXX in reply to JustStarting1

I took lubion and cyclogest as well. I had sore boobs but that was the worst of it to be honest. The lubion injections don’t hurt but can be sore a little while after but I found the longer I was on them, the easier they were. Cyclogest is a lot more convenient if you use it rectally instead! I stayed on those until 12 weeks xx

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Hi juststarting the FET for me was much easier on the body than the fresh cycle, the hardest one for me in FET was the prostrap down reg injection which it sounds like you are not getting. Pessaries always give me sore boobs and a bit of a headache but other than the mess they make it wasn’t so bad. The HRT drugs can always send you a bit hormonal but I would say less so with FET than fresh and a good excuse when you have a moan ☺️Good luck xx

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JustStarting1 in reply to Twiglet2

Thank you for the advice. I've already warned my husband to expect more hormones and moodyness....he can't wait haha. Glad to hear it was easier on you tho as a FET x

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Hey, I had 3 medicated frozen transfers in total of 5 transfers, all with pessaries, injections and tablets. The first week or so I got a couple headaches until my body got used to the drugs. I got all the other usual side effects, sore boobs, sore and bruised injection area, hormonal etc. I finally fell pregnant on my 5th cycle, 3rd frozen transfer and I had to continue all medication until I was 12 weeks pregnant.

All I can say is just be prepared mentally for what you are going to put your body and mind through. You will have good and bad days but the thought of what I might get at the end of it kept me going.

Don't give up hope, I am now 21 weeks pregnant and baby is doing well.

If you want anymore info just shout.

Wishing you the best of luck


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JustStarting1 in reply to Jen37

Aw thank you very much for the information and a very big congratulations to you. That's wonderful.

Yeah I think because you put your body through so much in the first part (egg collection) and technically that's only for a few weeks and then about a month for everything to get out your body it's a bit daunting entering a new phase which potentially could go on for months. But like you say...all worth it in the end hopefully x

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