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Transferring 3 embryos

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Has anyone else been told they could have three embryos transferred rather than the standard one for younger women or two for older women? If so, did you do it or not and why/why not? If you did, what was the outcome. I have been told I can assuming we still have three in the game at Day 3 transfer tomorrow but my partner is not so keen!

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Oh my clinic strongly advised against multiple embryo transfer. Due to higher risk pregnancies. Saying that they did say they are our embryo’s and it was our decision. I’d worry though what what if something just wasn’t right with that particular cycle and I’d wasted more than one (if that makes sense) I only had two embryos so I wouldn’t of transferred more than one.xx

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Wasted wasn’t the right wording but hope you knew what I was saying x

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Thank you. I should add that I am 45, this is my 4th stimulation cycle, in my first cycle I got to day 5 and didn't have any embryos good enough to do a fresh transfer or freeze, in my second cycle I transferred two day 5 blastocysts which wouldn't have been good enough quality to freeze but BFN, in my third cycle I transferred a top quality Day 2 or Day 3 embryo but BFN and today (Day 2) they called to say we have three top quality embryos and one which has a little fragmentation and they booked me in for a Day 3 transfer tomorrow and said I can transfer 2 or 3 embryos. Bearing in mind they might not be good enough quality to freeze on Day 5 based on past experience, I am thinking I would go for three. The liklihood of all three sticking based on my age and previous experience seems v unlikely.

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I think you have made up your mind 😉 now to convince the hubby lol. Reading your journey i understand why you would consider it. Go with your gut and what’s best for you 💕 good luck 🤞🏼 💕

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Lovely at 45 yo with your own eggs you can transfer even 5...we must have our feets on the ground...the chances are close to 0%

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I would go for the 3 since the might not be good enough to freeze, and hope for the best. I transferred 3 also but it didn't stick. Miracles happen ok. Goodluck

My clinic allows up to 3 for over 41s, but I've never done it. I know from a previous cycle, when I was 39, that of 5 embryos only one resulted in a successful pregnancy so now I'm 42 I think I'd be fairly comfortable transferring 3 as I'd be pretty confident it wouldn't result in multiples and would mean avoiding the cost and heartache of transfer after transfer. There are a lot of factors involved, age above all, but I'd say in general don't risk it if you couldn't handle multiples (pregnancy and afterwards!!)Best of luck xxx

Thank you. These are my thoughts (see my response to Fudge 1980 above) but despite none of mine sticking so far and me being 45 now, my other half is worried that we might end up with triplets that then don't make it due to the risks with multiple pregnancies 😞

I'm 42 and my husband is the same about a double transfer we're just preparing for. I'm like - we'll be super lucky to get one, we're NOT going to have twins FFS.Good luck, I hope one of these is a sticky one for you xxx

I've got 3 frozen at the moment but wouldn't transfer all 3 at once as it just seems like it'd be putting all eggs into one basket, as it were? What if my body isn't in top form that month for any reason? If they weren't going to be suitable for freezing, however, and knowing my embryos don't seem to be the best (and thus it would be very very unlikely they'd all stick!), I'd maybe risk it if it were that or just discard them! X

I had 3 transferred on day 3 when I was 41 and got my beautiful little boy from it. Wishing you lots of luck. xx

I transferred 2 and had twins and nearlyLost them both and was told we may have to choose between letting one go or risking both. I decided to carry on and all 3 of us nearly died. I wouldn’t risk doing a 3 transfer personally. I was 37 and found a twin pregnancy brutal not to mention how exhausting it is when they actually arrive - I really don’t think I’d be able to do it at age 45.

When I was 41 I had three top grade embryos transferred and still got a bfn. I think you would have to be very lucky to have all three work. X

Hi, I’m 42 and have just been having the conversation with the doc and embryologist about transferring 2 for my upcoming FET. They are both ok with it. I asked about transferring 3 and was given a clear ‘no’ at this stage of my journey. So, I guess my view is that if the experts are offering it, then they must have weighed it up carefully. I might ask how often they do it; I wouldn’t have thought it’s much. My other half only agrees if the doctor supports the course of action. I can see why it’s a tricky dilemma. Good luck deciding. Xx

I had three embryos transferred and it's the only time I got pregnant. Unfortunately ended in miscarriage but when I had one embryo and two embryos transferred they didn't take. The clinic said it was very unlikely that I would have all of them take and they expected only one to survive and that's what happened. Unfortunately as I said it ended in miscarriage. They suggested the three embryo transfer as they said the embryos help each other survive.

I know of a lady who had three transferred in her 30s abroad abd she had triplets ☺️

I had a double, I’m 27 and currently pregnant with twins, always a risk of one splitting too so have to bare that in mind with three! X


I’m 41 and in March this year had 3 day 5 quality eggs implanted. I’m now week 35 of my pregnancy with 1 baby

2 did implant but 1 stopped growing at week 6

I would defo go with the 3 as it does increase your chances by a few % which at our age can make a huge difference

Good luck 🤞

So my doctor said there’s a lower chance of success with multiple embryos. I’m sure there’s a higher chance of a single success from it, but I think the more you add over two you increase the risk more. Basically doing one at a time he said gives the best chance - my friend said the only reason to do multiple is money as if you had all the money to spend you’d do them single.

Thank you. I think with me it is a case of either transferring them or losing them. In my two stimulation cycles where the embryos were kept in the lab until Day 5 none of them were good enough quality to freeze or pgta test but they could do a fresh transfer with them. So I would hate the idea of picking one knowing the others are unlikely to make it especially when I could have three and have the best possible chance of one sticking, bearing in mind that at my age at lot of eggs are apparently chromosomally abnormal and any such embryos are unlikely to stick anyway. If it was a case that I was confident I could be able to freeze the others it would definitely make sense to just transfer one I think.

Yeah and I can see your point on being older too… as you get a ready made family potentially. If you’re able to cope with potential triplets and take on the bigger risks - remember pre-eclampsia will be higher risk with multiple and other things such as gestational diabetes and I think pre-term birth is a given with as many as three. I suppose it’s a choice now between 2 or 3. 2 would be a lot safer for you. But if the doctors are willing for you to plant all 3 maybe they think it’s safe enough. Definitely your decision

I have done 4 ICSI rounds and got no usable eggs rounds 1 and 3. Round 2 we had 3 eggs that made it to day 5 blastocysts and we transferred 1 only to be told on day 6 that the remaining 2 weren’t good enough to freeze and we therefore lost them. I then had a missed miscarriage. Round 4 we have had 2 good day 3 eggs and we have had them both transferred last week as I wouldn’t chance losing them again. We have never had anything that was freezable so I’m of the view that I would rather use what we can and hope for the best. I am 38 and was told there is a less than 20% chance of implanting 2 eggs resulting in twins so I would think your chance of triplets would be very low. If the dr is recommending 3 and you might otherwise lose them I would be going for it. Good luck!

A friend of mine (40) had 3 frozen ones transferred (after trying inseminations and a fresh transfer of 2). Did not get pregnant. Happened naturally a few months later when she was looking for options :)

My doctor convinced me to only put 1 in when I was 44. The doctor who did the transfer said "next time put 3 in" like she knew it wouldn't work and it didn't. As it happens on the next transfer 1 didn't survive thawing, so I put 2 in and that didn't work either. Triplets would be so rare, I would put 3 in. In fact I am 45 now and if I am lucky enough to get 3 embryos they're all going in.Good luck and let's hope we beat the age statistics.


I had my first cycle abroad and i had 4 top quality embryo transferred it ended in chemical. In my second cycle i had three top quality transferred only one sticked. We had a beautiful girl. My third cycle i had three transferred BFN. In my 4th cycle we had three transferred again frozen cycle ended in BFN(all day 5 two AA and one B). All although my third and 4th cycle were different clinics. The chances of all sticking is low but there is a chance of you having twins too. By the way all the above cycles was before i was 35 years and all 5 days transfer with perceived good quality embryo.

I had three transfers after several failed transfers. We only had three left and I think we all thought it wasn’t going to work. I ended up pregnant with twins. On my first scans a third sac was seen but no developing baby. The hospital did say to me that if I’d of been carrying three they wanted me to terminate one of them for safety reasons. Thankfully I wasn’t faced with that decision.

All were pgd tested.

I’d just transfer two, a lot less risks.

I transferred 3 on 4 of my rounds, mainly because of my age (early 40's). I got one BFP and it was a singleton pregnancy x

Just to echo another comment that quite often with triplets and being older selective reduction is often raised by doctors - a conversation you should be mentally prepared for of you decide to transfer more than 2 x

Thank you. That really is not a nice thought and definitely not something I would want to do.

I think if the clinic is willing to transfer three its because they are fairly confident not all will stick. I know at my clinic the RE said during our consultation, "at age 42 the chances are so low anyway that transferring two or three is not a problem" (it was a day three transfer). From subsequent cycles afterward I will say that I noted even are "good looking" day 3's didn't necessarily make it to day 5, there was quite an attrition rate.

Did you have them PGS-A tested?

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Koala365 in reply to RoxSulmy

No. It is a fresh transfer as none of mine have ever been good enough quality to freeze so not been good enough quality to do PGTa testing either sadly

Hi, I'm 43 and my Dr advised the same and we transferred 3 Day 3 embryos. All did not make it. I had the same concern about multiple pregnancies and risk factors but ultimately chances are very slim at this age to even get one to survive, which is probably why Drs are confident to recommend such a high number. Ultimately, you need to go with your gut feel as no one can know for sure how many will stick. Good luck!

I insisted on transferring all 3 surviving day 5 embryos. I have my lovely twin boys, 7 months now. I would advise go for 3, higher chances of getting more babies. 🥰

Thank you everyone. It was a very hard decision but we spoke to our consultant at lunchtime today and his view was that we should transfer 3 as the likelihood of all 3 implanting based on my age and history is so remote as to be negligible. If we are fortunate we might get one. We took his advice and I am praying that we are that fortunate. Hope we have done the right thing. Too late to worry about that now. Just got to try and relax during the 2 week wait now!

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Sounds like such a hard decision for you both. All the very best during your 2WW 🍀 💐

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Thank you. Yes, it was. Very grateful for all the wise words posted in here and by private chat though.

I did transfer 3 and that was a mistake. All three implanted but I miscarried 2 and thank God my boy made it through, he is 11 months old now. I won't transfer more than 2 in the future. Best of luck to you.

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