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Day 6 after FET - feeling super normal

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Hi all, I’m new here. Looking for some support from the community. Did my 7th transfer on 21 May…felt very slight cramps the next day, but nothing since. I don’t mean to be negative, but am feeling super normal (no feeling in the tummy at all). But still praying for that 1% chance of a miracle!

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Best of luck. Try to stay positive xx

Thank you, I really appreciate the positive vibes! ✨ two week wait is always the hardest, and it doesn’t get easier.

A LOT of people don’t feel any symptoms. I have a transfer this Thursday so I’ve been scouring forums , looking to see what signs to expect and many people who got BFP had zero signs. This whole process messes with you psychologically . What’s great is that you’ve gotten this far. Hang in there and sending you best wishes !

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Thank you so much for the assurance and positive vibes! I really appreciate it. It is such a crazy period, but yes doing my best to distract myself. Wishing you the best for your transfer on Thursday! Baby dust to all! ✨🙏

Heyyyy in 4dp3dt and have no symptoms either first trAnsfer so nothing to compare to but understand your worry! I’m trying to stay positive and keep myself distracted! Good luck xxxx

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Thank you so much for your encouragement! Yes, keeping oneself busy is the best idea! All the best to you too! ✨

I had what I thought were symptoms and then promptly got my period (doing a natural FET cycle) so I'm not sure whether it was a chemical or if it was just much worse PMS than usual. Either way no symptoms isn't necessarily a bad sign; i've seen plenty of people be so surprised as they didn't feel any different and then got a BFP! Fingers crossed xx

I’m sorry to hear that, it must be hard *hugs* I’m definitely googling a lot less this time round, and trying to distract myself. Though it’s really hard not to symptom spot, and also to manage my expectations at the same time. But yes, keeping all fingers and toes crossed! Wishing you the best for your journey!

Hey there I’m 3dp5dt and zero symptoms other then what I know is the cyclogest pessaries , tired sore boobs - had twinges ever since I started the eostrogen as well so I’m basically thinking everything I’m feeling is the meds at this moment - but I know many people don’t feel anything - just keep being kind to yourself and trying to distract yourself with nice things - lol it’s the longest wait ever hey!

Indeed it’s the longest wait ever! But thank you for your words of kindness and encouragement. Work has been a good distraction for me. I guess there is nothing very much I can do at this point, but be proud of how far I’ve come. Sending you positive vibes, and good luck for yours too!

Thank you lovely, Sounds like you’ve got the hang of the 2ww 🤞🙏🏻🤞 x

HelloDid you go for your beta test yet ?

Hi, sorry for my late reply. I haven’t logged in in a while. It was a biochemical pregnancy, HCG was too low, so it wasn’t viable 😢 Thank you for checking in though.

Sorry to hear. Keep strong. It’s hard to stay positive sometimes but don’t give up hope yet.

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