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Covid vaccine while pregnant?


Thinking about getting the covid vaccine tomorrow. I’m 19 weeks and it was such a long road to get pregnant. Any pregnant women on here who recurved the vaccine and what was your experience?

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I haven't had it myself but I heard you couldn't have it if you were pregnant? My sister was pregnant with her second and they wouldnt give it for that reason? I would check with doctor beforehand to be sure! X

Msze in reply to Panda490

My doctor isn’t opposed to it. I’m in the US and I know many pregnant women who have gotten with no side effects but I’m still concerned obviously. Xx

Panda490 in reply to Msze

Ah of course, I'm UK I'm not sure if we are using the same vaccines 🤷. Sounds ok from what others are saying ☺️

Twiglet2 in reply to Msze

It’s not recommended while pregnant in the UK as not enough known about affects on pregnant women and baby. Hopefully others getting it will help protect us until we can.

Missorla in reply to Panda490

The guidance has changed, they are recommending it if you are high risk, ie. you have certain medical conditions or you're a healthcare/social care worker and at high risk of catching the virus. The guidance is here:

I'll be getting it! I'm 10 weeks now. Don't think I'll be offered the vaccine for a couple of months yet. I follow an Immunologist who specialises in pregnancy. She gathers world wide data and seems to state it won't cause harm.

ashbb in reply to ashbb

The most risky time to catch covid is the 3rd trimester. Can cause pre term birth and other complications. I think the vaccine is safer than catching the virus. X

Missorla in reply to ashbb

i work in a hospital and have seen quite a few pregnant women coming in with covid, very ill. babies had to be delivered by emergency c-section. i agree with you, i am a lot more petrified about what covid can do than the vaccine :( i havent had mine yet but seriously considering it.

ashbb in reply to Missorla

Yeah def! And there's far more risks for babies born prematurely. If you click the Google doc link I sent, it's evidence (mostly from America where they have done research on over 20,000 pregnant women) suggests that babies might even be protected from covid as a result of getting vaccinated.

At first I was like no way am i getting it, but this Immunologist (above) has put my mind at ease. The advice in Ireland seems to be that it's safe too. The NHS/UK gov just want to put the decision making onto the mother than be liable themselves.

Missorla in reply to ashbb

thank you so much, ive just checked the links. i will look in more detail but looks really helpful. i do get its a completely personal choice but to just say "theres no way im going to have this because it hasnt been tested on pregnant women" doesnt work for me. i work in a hospital with patients and even with PPE i feel at risk. if antibodies were passed to baby this would be even more amazing.

ashbb in reply to Missorla

For sure a personal choice. Good luck whatever you choose too. ❤️

McQueeny in reply to ashbb

Thanks so much for posting that x

ashbb in reply to McQueeny

Welcome. It's certainly changed my mind!

I am not pregnant but I phoned my clinic yesterday as I’m due to start meds next week on the 11th and was offered the vaccine on the 14th. They said the recommendations have changed and that it’s safe to take while pregnant or trying to get pregnant so if it’s offered then to take it. So I’ll be going for mine. It still is completely down to an individuals choice of course though xx

Which country are you from? In the U.K. the advice hasn’t changed...guidelines for pregnant women say to take it only if high risk patient (with a chronic disease like diabetes) or working in the frontline where the risk to catch the virus is much higher.

I had my 1st vaccine 10 days prior to transfer and been advised it’s safe in the 2nd trimester for my 2nd vaccine I am in the uk.

My clinic (in uk) told me to get the vaccine if I’m being offered it. I’m not frontline staff but I look after my mum who is elderly. She’s ok but needs help washing her hair etc due to issues with her arm. So because I go into the house to help her do it I can apply for the vaccine. Asked the clinic yesterday their thoughts as I’m about to start stims next week. They said getting Covid would be worse than the vaccine and it’s safe. I still haven’t decided yet what to do. So many conflicting guidelines. My cousin caught covid at 35 weeks pregnant. Luckily both her and baby were ok and baby was born healthy at 40 weeks. X

Msze in reply to L400ynd

If I wasn’t already pregnant or just in the IVF process I’d 100% get it! ♥️

Yes I understand your situation and it’s difficult to decide but clinics to be honest don’t know if it’s safe or not, because it hasn’t been tested on pregnant women so I wish they would just stop giving false information out. Surely it’s better to be vaccinated than not overall, but the reality of things is that they don’t know if it is. Obviously each person should assess their own situation (like yours for example) and make a decision. I’m very wary in injecting myself with something there aren’t any evidence it’s safe for pregnancy, especially because I can work from home, my family is in a different country (so I wouldn’t see them anyway) and I’m getting my groceries delivered so I don’t mix with people. Xx

I’m a bit like that myself. The only people I see is my hubby, mum, sister and niece. Both me and hubby work from home. My sister works in the funeral industry and has had her vaccine. My mums had hers. Everything I’ve heard so far is the data is looking good to suggest being vaccinated stops you spreading it. Therefore half the people I see are already vaccinated. One is a 2 year old who studies show are less likely to pass it so that just leaves my husband. Who works from home. My sister didn’t want me to get it purely from the view this is my 3rd and last cycle and she’s terrified i get pregnant and something happens and I’ll blame the vaccine whether it was or not. She says I don’t need that stress. My family would rather wrap me in cotton wool to ensure I don’t get Covid than risk the vaccine. Then once I’ve had my wee dream baby to get it then. Also it’s because I will have started treatment before getting the vaccine so if it works I would be pregnant for both jags. Xx

SCHNOW in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

I totally agree with you. We should assess ourselves but not by the clinics or the doctors. Firstly, they are not specialists on this, they really don’t know and there are not enough evidence to show it is safe to take for pregnant women. Secondly, the information is not consistent, it is the same vaccine but at the beginning it says not safe to take for pregnant women or women who try to be pregnant, now suddenly it is safe to take? Based on what? I doubt! Thirdly, all the ladies here understand how hard and how much we have tried to be pregnant, should consider carefully to have something injected to our body during pregnancy without more evidences. Who knows whether we could be the ‘lucky’ one to have serious side effects or have harm on baby. This is my own opinion only and each individual should assess their individual case.

ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to SCHNOW

Totally agree. And it’s not like they have ‘some evidence’, they have NONE. And what bothers me as well is that at the beginning of the pandemic the government said face masks don’t help so don’t wear them (whereas other countries already were) and after a while they switched to ‘face coverings are mandatory’. So which one is it? Personally I’ve always put one on, and the medical grade type not my t-shirt rolled up on my face (with my nose out lol) but again conflicting information is tricking people and I really hate that. Xx

I’m also almost 19 weeks pregnant, I live in Uk and received the text message to book my vaccine but I don’t feel comfortable to receive it while I’m husband had his as he is about to start a treatment and needed his, I think once baby is here I will get mine.

it’s a personal decision of course.

Good luck x

Hi Msze,

I’m in the UK, I asked my midwife a few weeks ago on her thoughts, she said I’d only be offered it if I was a key worker and coming into contact with the public, but I’ve been working from home since last March 😏 so no need.

Im 41 and this is my first baby & first attempt at IVF, so feel very blessed and lucky to get this far. We’ve made the decision that I’m not going to jepordise this for anything, it’s cost us too much and I’ve waited years to be a mammy.

I don’t think there will have been enough testing on pregnant women and the effects on an unborn baby so it’s a no till the baby arrives mid July.

Whatever you do I’m sure it’ll be the right decision for you though.

Take care x

Msze in reply to Bella4040

We are due at the same time and I’m 42 and this is my first! ❤️ I think you just convinced me I should also wait.

I’m kind of torn to myself, I was invited to have vaccine, but I’m soon to be 42 and wanting to get pregnant as I love babies/kids for years but I’m not in relationship etc, haven’t found the right one however the question is will the vaccine affect if I to accident get pregnant or after second dose? It’s so hard to decide myself, but reading your point of views is useful for me, but many congratulations on your pregnancy.

JoyfulStar in reply to Crazygal7

I do understand your concerns. My understanding is that women that are not yet pregnant should not avoid the vaccine- This is the UK JCVI advice.

I am 43 years of age and after a failed first IVF round, currently doing 3 IVF cycles to batch some good embryos. I was offered the vaccine due to the line of work I do. After speaking to the clinic and knowing the rough timetable of my stims, I jumped at it! My plan is to have the second dose just before my last round in May. I read the outcome of a clinical study that some of the participants that received the vaccine fell pregnant.

If you do fall pregnant, you could always delay the second dose which is the current govt advice. All this is obviously a personal choice.

I’m 10 weeks and haven’t had my notification yet to get the vaccine, but I’ve decided to wait until I give birth. I know it’s a long way off, but until there is more sound research, I’ll hold off on getting it.

I've been debating this very question myself but neither my hubby or I feel comfortable getting vaccinated whilst pregnant we lost our daughter at 20 weeks pregnant last year ( no established cause of death) I'm a full time mummy and I stay home most of the time - I get my food delivery every week, bits and pierces I get from amazon! I wear a mask with any delivery and wash my hands straight away. I take my dog out when no one else does but I do wear a mask still. I take my daughter out but again I try to go when I know it's less busy. Both my parents have been vaccinated, my grown up son has ( he's a larger fella !) my hubby is very careful and works with only 1 other person on his department so as low risk as it can be but he wears a mask all the time ar work. He always has a shower after work and washes his clothes before he sees our daughter. Everyone has to decide what is right for them I am very cautious after losing our second daughter. Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck with whatever you decide to do. It's not an easy decision but you have to do what feels right for you Xx

Msze in reply to Jess1981

I am SO sorry for your loss. That is devastating! There is no explanation for the loss? We’re you having complications? My heart breaks for you.

Jess1981 in reply to Msze

No complications. She was a very healthy baby- everything seemed normal. I was told at my 20 week scan she had no heartbeat- just 2 weeks before that we had a gender private scan she was fine. I had to take medicine and birth her asleep. Had full post mortem - no answer to why she died. It was so shocking. Lost Amelia in November and I'm due with this one in November so hope this is our rainbow baby 👶 thankfully we had Francesca who kept us going Xx

Msze in reply to Jess1981

God bless your pregnancy. All the good vibes and positive energy your way. ♥️🌈

Respectfully, I don’t think you should be promoting anti-vaccine. Young and healthy non-pregnant individuals should absolutely get vaccinated if we want this pandemic to end. This was a question specifically asking about pregnant women’s experience getting the vaccine.

I am also in the UK - classed as a frontline worker, but I am so lucky in my job - From week 28 of pregnancy- my work is doing a risk assessment to see if I can work from home only.

I was offered the vaccine - and guidelines kept saying as a frontline worker I was advised to consider having it regardless if I was pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and it has taken us so long to get here! I feel very lucky and blessed too and I just cannot risk it! I know getting covid in 3rd trimester could be just as bad - but I feel I can try protect myself and shield. I will have to have it after.

And I believe in vaccines, so always have them otherwise, so not like I am against them normally 😇 it is a very hard decision though - cos I have also been thinking - like with whooping cough vaccine, I would be protecting my baby when it was newborn and not able to have the vaccine themselves - so perhaps the covid vaccine would do the same. Protect my little one as they are just born. But I just cannot get myself to do it - and I think my conflict is the fact it is all so new and guidelines have changed with what seems like little consideration or facts. It is such a difficult decision and I still don’t know what it the right thing to do.

I wish you all the best and hopefully you will come to a decision you are happy with! 🥰

Msze in reply to Sparklylife

Feel very much the same. I am considering it for my safety but also to pass on the antibodies to my baby and protect her too! But I agree there are so many unknowns and it was such a long road to get this far in my fertility journey. Very difficult decision. Xx

It’s a personal choice... the mRNA vaccine is the first of its kind ever. No one knows how the vaccine will effect people in the long term, let alone pregnant women. The data doesn’t exist yet. We do know that high levels of stress hormone cortisol in the mum negatively affects cognitive brain development of an unborn child and this impacts how children then handle stressful situations in later life, up to two generations. Many neuroscience studies exist but it’s not yet fully understood. If anyone does decide to have the Covid vaccine, it would be brilliant to sign up to a clinical trial or keep a journal which may one day add to the scientific research 😘 it’s a tough choice to make xx

I'm from the UK, not pregnant yet but currently on stims. I've had the first dose but won't be having the second when pregnant as we've been advised not to. If I were in your situation, as difficult as it is, I'd continue to isolate and stay in your bubble. There isn't enough research to see how it affects pregnant woman and unborn babies and catching covid whilst pregnant is very dangerous. Unless you have underlying health conditions I would continue as though we're in lockdown. It's far from ideal but needs must.

If in Scotland go to public health 2021 covid vaccine pregnancy for guidance xx

Please don't x

Msze in reply to nadinenads

You do know that it is now being recommended that pregnant women get it? 🙄


Any updates on your vaccine? Did you get it in the end?



Msze in reply to Nuszkahope

I decided I would wait until my third trimester a few weeks before my due date to get it. That’s my plan for now. ❤️

Nuszkahope in reply to Msze

Thank you for your reply.

It is quite tricky, isn’t it? I guess we have been in this situation for over a year now so waiting a few months more isn’t a big deal ... stay safe and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy 🤰

Msze in reply to Nuszkahope

Exactly! And yes, very tricky and stressful decision to make ❤️ Crazy times.

Nuszkahope in reply to Msze

I am at the beginning of my pregnancy but I think I also might wait until 3rd trimester ( if I am lucky to get there 🤞) I don’t want to do anything to mess this up given how long I was struggling to get here x

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