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9dp6dt - faint positive (1st cycle, 2nd transfer, 2 embryos, age 41)

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Hi all,

I was really naughty and tested early yesterday and today, at 8dp6dt and 9dp6dt and have got what looks like a faint line (though worried todays may be slightly lighter on the same brand of test, so used a different brand and line seemed darker). OTD is actually Sunday coming.

I'm trying to be really realistic about this as I've read too many stats πŸ˜‚ on outcomes at my age and rates of chemical pregnancies etc. so am kinda if expecting it to stop progressing.

Added to this I have period aches exactly as I do before I get my period and convinced it's coming! Not really sure which way around it works and if the embryos fail, that triggers the period, or whether I might have a particularly determined period that would wash my embryos out! 😞 Lingo not very scientific, I know!

I had a 5bb and 4bc+ frozen embryo transferred (only 3 blasts made it from 20 eggs collected and 14 fertilised). I'm hoping that since the first fresh blast didn't make it (3bb), odds are that the one successful blast in the batch may be this one. Not sure if it could be that there is still one egg in the batch that would have been the lead 'chosen one' (that would be naturally selected in a natural cycle) that may have an advantage...?

Rambling now, just really hoping I'll have one that will make it!

At least I have some indication now that it's possible for something to happen, despite my poor quality older eggs. Never ever seen any kind of line before!

Hope everyone is doing well. Good luck to us all and keep the hope πŸ’–πŸ’–x

29 Replies
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Hey thats a very good line for those tests. Hopefully everything progresses well. Many congratulations πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Yay looks very positive! Congratulations! Don’t even think about the stats and enjoy this moment xx

Have been looking out for an update from you! This is amazing news! congratulations lovely, keeping everything crossed for you xxxx

Thanks - I'm so pleased to have got this far. Line still showing this morning (10p6dt)! The team in the clinic are brilliant. Hope all is progressing nicely with you :)

It's very positive, congratulations, prayers it remains getting darker xx

Hope so! Thank you!

I definitely see lots of positive lines there thats fabulous! What a beautiful sight 😍 ❀ congratulations xxx

Thank you - that's reassuring! Took a lot of patience waiting for my polyp to be removed before getting to this! Hope all is well with you :)


Congratulations πŸ₯³πŸ˜˜

That looks great! Congrats

Oooh yeah that looks positive to me! I do hope this is good news for you xx

Definitely Positive. Congratulations 🎊

This is awesome Goodluck and Congratulations πŸ’... I am certain everything is gonna be super

Hope it goes ok!

Congratulations! 41 is not old hun, you and hubby have done the hard part.... fingers crossed xx

Awe thank you - I didn't feel so old before I started IVF and everyone started talking about my age! πŸ˜‚ My friend at work had a donor egg baby at 47 and breezed through it, so hoping there's life in me yet! :)

Yay πŸ₯° Hope this is the one 🀞 Congratulations!! I know it must be so nerve wrecking, but try keep the hope like you say! And those feelings of AF, I have read so many with these sensations, it might just be the progesterone perhaps. Wishing you all the best πŸ₯°

Hope so. I think I'll still be doing a pregnancy test every day right up to giving birthπŸ˜‚ , if i'm lucky to get that far. Good luck to all 🀞

Looks like it's good news for you congratulations. You might want to do a HCG beta test for peace of mind. If your clinic doesn't do them, you can order them from medichecks, do a finger prick at home and send it off. X

Thanks for the tip - that's a really good idea (my clinic don't do it I don't think) - I'll go on the look out for one now. Is there any recommended brands? I'm assuming I'd have to do more than one x

I just used medichecks. They only have one HCG test. They recommend that you do two tests, around 48 hours apart, to check your numbers are doubling. X

Congratulations line looks very good to me 😘😘

Congratulations!! Great looking line on your latest test, those tend not to be that sensitive too. Yippeee.xxx

All the best to ya. Congratulations on the lines, looks very positive to me. Stick in there babies...

Oooh I’d say that’s a pretty strong line 🀞🀞🀞 everything crossed for you πŸ’• xx

Hi congratulations to you...fingers crossed for you dear.Just to ask which clinic are you going to? xx

Orangeflowers in reply to Mikkie

Hiya Mikkie - This was my only NHS funded cycle at Leeds Fertility. I hope your journey is going well x

Defo looks good! Congratulations and best of luck ❀️

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