EC all done, 13 Eggs, Now wait and see XX

Had EC this morning and my consultant was really happy 13 eggs, were so pleased and have been relaxing at home. My amazing husband is always taking care of me. We are just waiting now and hoping to have a call tomorrow and all the other days saying the embryos are doing well. I've been waiting for this time to arrive and it's here. I always believe in Hope and believe that miracles do happen, we have happy and sad stories on here but believing one day it can be real will hopefully make it come true x I hope for all of you too Xxxx ❀️

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  • 13 eggs?! Wow, that's amazing, well done!

    Good luck with the next stage, we're all rooting for you and your uterus ;P xx

  • Thankyou so much xx how are you? X

  • Good at the moment as I'm waiting for 2nd IVF round. They didn't get the medications and timings right for my first round so although I had lots of follicles, they were all of different sizes and I only ended up with 3 eggs. The good news was that they were all good quality and all fertilised to blastocyst stage. No BFP that time but it gives me hope for this time.

  • Yes that's really good news they got to blastocyst x when do you start again? Xx

  • First meds start on 31st July then egg retrieval in September. Quite a different course this time so they've obviously re-thought a few things!

  • That's good news for you, I'm really pleased for you and I hope this time is your time and your miracle comes true x

  • 13 amazing well done!! Good luck xxx

  • Thankyou x hope your ok x

  • I am good thanks xx

  • Well done πŸ˜€xx

  • Thankyou, how are you? X

  • Im great thanks, still feeling very bloated though which is a bit of a bummer. Small price to pay though 😊xx

  • that's a great number of eggs, well done you xxx

  • We feel very lucky to have 13 thankyou x hope your ok x

  • Great news!!

  • Great news well done. Good luck for the next stage xx

  • That's great news. Sending you good wishes for the next stages xxx

  • Wow 13 is amazing you have e worked so hard for this, really excited to hear how they are getting on. You both deserve the best news and outcome, I am here for you every step of the way πŸ’•πŸ’™xx

  • 13 eggs! Well done πŸ™‚ 13 is my lucky number πŸ€ I hope it'll be lucky for you. Good luck xxx 🀞

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