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Advice needed - It starts with an egg

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask whether anyone had read "It starts with the egg". Having been told it is not worth doing any further tests into our unexplained infertility due to my age (soon to be 40) we are going down the IVF route. It is a path I said I would never go down, but I also said I would never run a Marathon and was stupid enough to do that , so maybe I am weak willed ;-)

As i think I will only get one round due to my age (there was me thinking life began at 40 ) I want to do as much as I can to help the process. Any advice and is it worth reading the book ?

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Well done on the marathon😀and the decision to do ivf..very exciting. I read the book and found it a worthwhile read after our first failed attempt and I wished I had read it before we started treatment. We went through our first cycle kind of in a daze and I cried at every appointment. We were so uninformed and the nhs told us very little. I would suggest reading up as knowledge is good so you can ask as many questions and feel like you are as involved as poss. I also bought zita west book called eat myself pregnant and made some tasty recipes as I just had to feel like I was doing as much as I possibly could. Wishing you so much luck and you have same success as your marathon xx


Hi Vic77,

Thank You for your reply. Glad it isn't just me who feels like crying. The consultant was ,lovely when we saw her but was very blunt about my age, hard being told that as your G.P was awkward about referring that it is now too late for two attempts - I switched G.P's thankfully !

I have my follow up appointment next Wednesday and have no idea what to expect as we were in such a daze that didn't ask and my OH is away working ;-( I have had my bloods done at the initial appointment and my OH has his results for his sample with no issues.

Reading the book has helped and already have a couple of questions, will look into the other book you mentioned.

Good Luck with your journey xx


Yeah the hospital was very blunt about my age too..it seemed every sentence ended with..for your age..lol however we went to a private clinic recently to suss out options if needed as we go through our last nhs attempt this month..yikes just really realised that as first time I have said out loud after all the Xmas haze anyway we were the youngest in there by far I felt and age was never mentioned so I would try to put that behind you and stay positive and yes life does begun at 40... A new one for you I hope😀😀😀we too have unexplained infertility but I have low amh apparently again cause of age..such is life though as I never met my fab husband till mid 30s and wouldn't change that for anything..good luck and keep in touch xxx

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I also never met my hubby till in my 30's and wouldn't want it any other way. The clinic sounds good, I would happily pay at the moment for someone to not make me feel old 😂

Take care xx

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Hi Brenbert,

I understand the desire to try anything to achieve a pregnancy and wish all the best for you.

Having experienced my first pregnancy and an early miscarriage after our first IVF in October 16, I found I needed an action plan to improve our chances for cycle 2 January 17.

I'd heard positive feedback regarding "It Starts With the Egg", so bought it and have followed it's advice pretty religiously since October (some Christmas sweet treats aside, though did even abstain from alcohol!).

While you can follow as much or as little advice as you want from the book, I practically followed it all, though i have to admit that at first it feels pretty full to commit to all the life changes it requires.

For example, Fett recommends a host of supplements, some of which have to be sourced from the US as they're not available here without a script.

Also, gone are the days of casually throwing toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products in an supermarket trolley or putting lunch in a plastic container as phthalate, BPA, chemical free products replace regular ones and have to be researched, hunted down and are more expensive.

Having said that, while these changes can initially be stressful, I'm actually quite enjoying the lovely herbal scents of Holland and Barrett products, am happy to know I'm basically living chemical free and hope that I'm doing my body and fertility some good in the process.

As for the success or otherwise of making all these changes, watch this space... We live in hope!

Luck and love for your journey and if you want any tips on sourcing anything let me know. Xx 😊


Hi Pookymama,

Thank you for reply. It is all pretty daunting, I left my career in September to return to University to re-train, nothing like turning your world upside down ! Financially I won't be able to make all the changes but will aim to do as much as possible. I have already planned to give up alcohol in Jan for a month to kick start my marathon training (my husband entered me again, think he may want to kill me off without suspicion ;-) although his 69 yr old Mum is doing it too, I entered a very active family !) I have also give coffee up although I only ever had 1 a day.

I may go wild on my birthday(Feb) and have a glass of fizz, swiftly followed by a litre of water !!!

Good luck with your cycle, keeping everything crossed for you. Lots of Love and positive vibes xxxx

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Hi Brenbert,

Wow, your world sounds pretty full - on what with uni and training for another marathon!

It can be tough to cope with all these changes and fertility issues lumped on top but hopefully we'll get there.

My partner and his family are fitness event fanatics too... i havent quite joined ranks with them yet! Tehe. Exercise is a fab stress reliever though, and good to get oxygenated fresh blood flow to the reproductive organs though ive read that we should be careful not to overdo it as that can mess up our cycles so maybe pace yourself chicky. ;-)

Yeah, we've definitely got to have treats and days off from the detox style living as the stress of trying to be perfect can outway the benefits and make us feel like imploding at times. Yoy enjoy your birthday girl!

Thank you for your words of hope for my next cycle. Hopefully we will both soon have positive news to share! Good luck with yours too hun xxx


I have no hope of over doing it on the exercise front 😂.

Take care lovely xx

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Nor do I! Haha. You take care too xx


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