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First BFP after 6years + of trying


Hi guys, I'm just super excited and I'm here to encourage anyone having similar challenges. I have been married for 6 years +, never been pregnant, have mild pcos, DH has low sperm count and motility. I have had 2 cycles of IVF, one last year and this year August precisely. Surprisingly, I had BFN in all attempts. I decided to stay calm and pray. I didn't feel like trying IVF again because of fear of disappointments. I missed my period in October but I never bothered because it was normal with Pcos. I just decided to do a PT today and behold it was a BFP. I finally got pregnant naturally. First time ever! Prayer works dearies. Don't forget to pray as we struggle in this journey of infertility. Prayer works! I'm a living witness.

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Congratulations! Same thing happened to me after three unsuccessful IVF cycles. Little miracles. We'd given up but it shows there's always hope. Enjoy your special pregnancy.

Thanks dear💝❤️

I love these stories 🥰 congratulations!x

Pinkybaby in reply to KiboXX

Thanks dear ❤️

Congratulations 💐💐 praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you xx

Pinkybaby in reply to Mimisami

Amen. Thanks dear ❤️

Congratulations 💗💗💗

Pinkybaby in reply to Frankie08

Thanks dear ❤️

Congratulations! Xx

Thanks dear ❤️

How amazing!! Very happy for you! Xx

Pinkybaby in reply to Linda84Co

Thanks dear ❤️

Linda84Co in reply to Pinkybaby


Congratulations. It’s great reading your story as it gives hope to others. x

Pinkybaby in reply to Birdbaby

It's an evidence that all hope should never be lost in this journey. Thanks dear ❤️

Awweeee absolutely amazing news and prayer certainly goes a long way.... wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy 😘

Pinkybaby in reply to destiny121

Correct! Thanks dear ❤️

Wow!! You conceived naturally!!!!

I unexpectedly did dear

Perhaps the ivf nudged something

My thoughts too. I expected the nudge after my first IVF in 2019 but nothing happened. I resorted to staying away from IVF after the second BFN and boom... It happened few months later

So lovely, it’s so helpful to see these kind of stories, you never know what’s around the corner. Incredibly happy for you x x x

Pinkybaby in reply to Sunny39

Exactly! Thanks dear❤️

What wonderful news! Huge congratulations lovely 😊🎉⭐️

Thank dear💝

That’s amazing news 😀 congratulations 🥰🥰

Pinkybaby in reply to Smcphie28

Thanks dear ❤️

I'll pray as, I am 44 they say less than 4% chance

What God cannot do does not exist. Miracles happen dear. Wishing you all the lucks. XX

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Yesoooo NSPPD ❤️

Tywo in reply to Pinkybaby

I can see my nappd member her truly what cannot do does not exist congrats hun 😘

Stay positive and have firm believe on ur prayers.. Allah will definitely listen you and you will be betowned.

Congratulations 🥳 really love your positive story. Thanks so much for helping to keep the hope alive for so many of us here & still fighting on xx

Aweee Congratulations so happy to read your post. Look after your self xxxz

Awesome and definitely encouraging news!!! Congratulations and truly what God cannot do does not exist🙏🏽🙏🏽

Amazing news xxx

Massive congratulations 🎉🎉it's a great news and true prayers are ladder... Allah is a planner and when we disappointed from everywhere it is only hope from Allah that we get succeed.. Praying for ur happy and and healthy pregnancy 🙏

😀 That's amazing news! Gives hope to all of us! 😊 Congrats!

Congratulations❤️ Awesome God!

After a BFN this morning I feel a little let down and angry. Maybe it's just not our time. My hopes and prayers continue for the future. Congratulations and thank you for sharing xxx

Pinkybaby in reply to Goose12345

Be strong dear, your miracle baby is on the way. Sending you lots of hugs💝

Congratulations 🎉!!

Thank you so my much for sharing this amazing news with us!!

We have being trying for 5 years... but you have given me a bit of hope now!

Wishing you all the very best with your pregnancy 🤰


So glad to hear this Pinkybaby. I am in a similar situation found out last week I am pregnant after a failed ivf and 6 years of trying too. You’re right prayers and having faith in God really does help! I’m nervous about my scan have you thought about having a private one before your NHS? Sending you lots of prayers and baby dust xx

Pinkybaby in reply to Shazb123

Congratulations 🎉🎉

Congratulations Pinkybaby what amazing news! Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy Xx

Congratulations praying a healthy pregnancy for you xx

It neither of you are overweight, lose weight. Increase both your use of Vitimans, with High dose B6, B12, Vit C and Vit K. Only have sex 2 twice a week. Both get plenty of rest, sleep. No alcohol, no smoking!After sex put yourself up against the wall, upside down for several mins after intercourse.

Good Luck!

A big congratulations to you wishing you a health pregnancy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations my dear. I strongly believe that prayers work it happened to me too. May God Almighty give you the grace and strength to carry till full term in Jesus name Amen. Hugs

Pinkybaby in reply to Mary80

Amen. Thanks a lot

Prayer indeed works dear. Congratulations, this is great news, God is indeed amazing and I wish everyone else the best as well. We shall overcome hey....

Congratulations, so good to hear. What God can not do does not exist.

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