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Anyone get pregnant first time with IVF?

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Just wondering if IVF ever actually works first time round. I’ve never met anyone or spoken to anyone who got pregnant first time, does that happen. I’m on my first cycle and had transfer yesterday and feel I have to prepare myself for bad news. Anyone with a first cycle success please share this, could help lift my mood xx thanks xx

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Hello! How are you?

I got pregnant first time with IVF (2019)! And I know a couple of other women who did too… however, I also know a few that weren’t as lucky and it took a couple of rounds …

Good luck to you!

Also… I had a transfer yesterday too! Good luck for the 2WW x

Hi lovely, a close friend of mine has success on her first go. She had 6 eggs collected, made 2 blastocysts and 1 made her little girl. It does happen! xx

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LittleT123 in reply to Millbanks

Thanks for sharing that’s lovely to hear ❤️

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Millbanks in reply to LittleT123

Welcome! It definitely does happen :)


I also had a transfer yesterday first round also Have been following this site and another one and I've seen a few first time success stories x

My cousin had her twins from her first round of IVF! x

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LittleT123 in reply to Daisy1245

That’s lovely thanks for sharing xx

I got pregnant on our first IVF cycle and first transfer in 2018. Our beautiful daughter was the result. I was 39 years and she was born 3 days after my 40th. It can definitely happen x

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LittleT123 in reply to JenRoy

Thank you for sharing that’s lovely to hear x

Yes I know two friends who were lucky and had a success on their first cycle. Equally I’m on my 7th and no luck yet!! It’s a really hard thing to get your head around (I certainly didn’t fully understand it at the time) but it can happen first time or it can take a (fair) few rounds, even when there’s no obvious reason. Keep the faith but equally if you do have to try again please know that’s really normal and holding on to hope is all you can do. Good luck 🤞🏻

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LittleT123 in reply to Bistbee

Thanks for sharing and it is hard to understand isn’t it. I send you lots of good luck that 7 will be your lucky number. And can’t imagine what you must have been through to get to this stage xx

Hey lovely. I personally had 3 rounds and no luck but a colleague at work got pregnant first time and has a baby boy now. There is no way really to tell. Try to stay positive. You never know what can happen xxx best of luck 🧡

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LittleT123 in reply to Mahriya

Thank you xxx

I'm 7 weeks pregnant now after our first round! Really unexpected, we really thought it wasn't going to work as I have diminished ovarian reserve and a very low AMH despite still being young. We took all the supplements in the book itstartswiththeegg for 4 months prior to uvf and really believe it helped to improve quality which led to our success. Finger crossed for you, good luck xxx

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LittleT123 in reply to Jjleo

That’s lovely to hear congratulations xxx

First time success here. Male factor (OAT) so we had ICSI. Our 8 month old whirling dervish has spent the evening mashing pizza into herself and the rug in equal measure. 3 embryos frozen too.

I will never stop being amazed by the science... but am aware we were also lucky. Ridiculously, improbably lucky. I hope you get the same luck ❤

Thank you xxxx and it’s good to hear it can happen xxx

Hi we had our first round started in October and we are currently pregnant!

Completely know how lucky we are and definitely did not expect it to happen first time but for now 7wks and still going! Lots of luck xxx

That’s amazing and thanks for sharing it gives me hope xx

I have everything crossed for you. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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LittleT123 in reply to Jen_jen

Thank you xx

I got pregnant first time with ivf I had 7 frozen embabies and had one transferred last October my little girl is 5 months old 🥰xx

I did, unfortunately I had a miscarriage later on but that’s a different story!

My best friend got pregnant first time, two eggs , told not great quality , both fertilised. Has 6 year old twins

I was lucky enough to get pregnant on our first round in 2018 and I know a few people who also were lucky on first round. We decided to have a second this year, we have just found out that we're pregnant again 💗 We had a failed round in the middle.

Stay relaxed and try to keep your mind occupied. Crossing everything for you xx

Hi, yes, I did. Three embryos created at the age of 36 and I got pregnant with the first fresh transfer. My little boy is now 3.5. I had a second embryo from that round transferred in August and I’m now 16 weeks pregnant with another little boy. But, we have no issues at all except I was born with a very oddly shaped uterus (bicornuate / large septum), so the mechanics of IVF obviously work very well for us. Natural conception … not so much 😬. Best of luck on your journey xx

I was lucky enough at 40 following a 3 year wait to get treatment. I'm due in 7 weeks time. Good luck 💙💜x

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KayRays in reply to LMBL80

I’m also 40 and on my first round, fingers crossed!

Hi there. Hope you’re feeling ok. I had a fresh transfer on 10th Nov (first cycle, secondary infertility) and it worked. I got my BFP. I was like you and tried to prepare for it not working… but it really can happen :) Wishing you so much luck xxx

I was lucky enough to be successful on our first round. I only have one tube(one removed after problems) which is blocked and although they said my husbands sperm wasn’t great when first tested it was fine by time we got to egg collection (I credit this to him exercising more and taking men’s fertility supplements) I had 6 eggs collected and only 4 were usable. They all fertilised but one was always a day behind. They decided between the best two and I now have a 3 year old. We still have 2 in the freezer and I’m considering trying again next year. I’m 41 now. Good luck with it all. So hard to keep yourself busy when waiting to find out.

i got pregnant on my first icsi/.pgd cycle although i later had a blighted ovum

A lot of people do get pregnant first time so don't lose faith!

When i started ivf I went in with the mentality that it might not work the first time and that I might need 3 rounds.

Sadly it didn't work the first time yet I was devastated but none the less I moved on and I got lucky the second time!

I did! And I know three others that did too. I have a 5 month old little boy currently snoozing next to me. Ours was male factor infertility so we had icsi too. Not sure if that makes much difference on the odds?Best of luck to you x

Hey 👋🏼 i got pregnant in March 2019 first fresh round, had my daughter in December 2019. Had a frozen transfer in March this year and currently cuddling my 6 day old son 🥺 we are very very lucky and I don’t know anyone else this has happened to but it does happen, stay positive and keeping everything crossed for you 🙏🏼🤞🏼 Xxx

Hi LitlleT123,

I got pregnant first time with fresh IVF cycle back in 2016 but now trying for a sibling and had already 6 unsuccessful cycles. So as you can see, it's really a number game :(

Wish you luck!!!!


Yes I did. I had 3 fertilised embryos my first 1 resulted in my daughter and my third one, the last of my batch my 6 month son. It does work. I’m thankful for both of my miracles as I no a lot of ladies and families have so much trouble xx

I did and my wee amazing 6 month old boy is currently feeding on me. Don’t lose hope. I had a whole year of failed iuis and then Covid hit and clinics closed. I felt like I was never getting a break on this fertility rollercoaster then got the call to start ivf and amazingly I got pregnant on our first round of ivf. Another 4 top quality embryos frozen too. You can do this and I wish you all the best xx

I got pregnant first time with my little boy in 2019, so it can definitely happen lovely! Sadly not having much luck second time round but staying positive 🤞🏼🤞🏼. Good luck with your journey ❤️❤️ xx

Hello lovely, I was successful on our first try at ivf, our little girl was born three weeks ago 🥰 good luck with it all, miracles do happen x

I know 3 people who did IVF and I was one of them, my 2 friends did ivf around the same time as me, we all got pregnant but unfortunately I miscarried but they both had their babies. You've a good chance of it working so if you can try to be a bit more positive, I was so negative during my ivf and it did me no favours and put added stress on my husband. I know its hard because if you've had a lot of negative experiences around pregnancy it's hard to be positive but I don't think being negative helps, I was like that for years until I eventually started telling myself that I would have a baby and I did eventually get pregnant naturally. Good luck for your treatment and positive vibes your way x

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LittleT123 in reply to Liberty82

Thanks for your message I appreciate it xx

Hi I got pregnant my first round of ivf and im 41.

Pregnant first time with only one day 3 embryo. Currently have a beautiful 4 month old daughter.

Yes I got pregnant first round. So it's possible. Wish you all the best. xx

After 3 years of trying to conceive naturally and no definitive reason for our infertility, we were advised to go down the ivf route. We had one round which gave us 9 blastocysts. We transferred one and it stuck around! Currently 18 weeks pregnant and still don't quite believe what's happened. We were mentally preparing ourselves for doing round after round as we never thought it would work on the first attempt.We count ourselves as being incredibly lucky with the outcome we've had - with the number of blastocysts we have in the freezer and the pregnancy. Putting trust in the process, taking each day as it comes and holding onto hope is what we tried to focus on xx

Thank you for sharing xx

We were also incredibly lucky and got success with our first IVF round - fresh transfer of a day 5 blastocyst. So incredibly grateful and was so shocked to see that positive pregnancy test! Unexplained infertility, but it was my first ever positive test!! We got a little boy born August 2021 💙

Thanks for sharing xx

Hi my neighbour got pregnant first time with ivf they now have a healthy 9 year old daughter, stay positive it can happen.As they say it only takes one egg!

I have loved reading all these miracle stories ✨ I know of three people that got pregnant first time. We’re starting our first round in January and I’m praying we’re lucky too!!! Xxx

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LittleT123 in reply to RedFox23

It’s nice to hear success stories isn’t it, lifts your heart. Good luck with your first round xx

Hello, yes I did but I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and then the same happened with my second egg.. good luck and try not to worry your self to much xx

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LittleT123 in reply to Hells18

Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear that you miscarried i wish you good luck if you try again xx

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Hells18 in reply to LittleT123

I’m day 6 of stims and if everything goes as plans my eggs will be taken on the 6th cxxx thank u ☺️

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LittleT123 in reply to Hells18

Good luck 🤞🏼

We got pregnant first time with IVF in 2017 and have a 3yo son.We have since had a failed frozen transfer and a BFP with a recent fresh round which has ended in miscarriage.

This only goes to emphasise how truly blessed we were to get pregnant on our first round…but it can definitely happen!!!

Wishing you lots luck on your journey xx

Thanks for sharing xx

I got pregnant with our first go but miscarried at 6 weeksA friend of my mums got pregnant first go as well and carried to full term

Hello! I did with my first back in 2017. It’s not been quite so easy the second time round, but the first worked a dream!

It worked for me first time. I did pgs testing and in my opinion is the only way to be as sure as possible it will work.

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LittleT123 in reply to Corchi

Is that like PGT-A testing when they test the chromosomes?

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Corchi in reply to LittleT123


I got pregnant my first round of IVF and it was Fresh Transfer and they put back two embryos and they both took! As a result I have two beautiful twin girls that qre 16 now. I also did two FET's recently but they both ended in chemical pregnancies. Only telling you this is because doctors say if the embryo(s) implants, that's a very good sign for future cycles. Also if it doesn't take the first round get a ERA done to see if your receptive and that truly helps the outcome as well. Best of luck!

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LittleT123 in reply to Lashann1

Thanks this is helpful … I’ve learnt I need to get a PGT-A test done and and ERA though this forum xxx

I had my egg collection a day after my 41st birthday. The numbers were looking.... age- appropriate, so not great. Our first IVF. Today was my OTD but I've known for a few days now that it is BFP. Still can't believe it and just hope it will all be ok. But this is to say - it can happen! Best of luck xx

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LittleT123 in reply to Zyrafa

Congratulations and I wish you a healthy happy pregnancy xx I guess it can happen and dreams do come true xx

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