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Follicle count


So in my baseline scan I had 6 follicles, 2 on left that are less than 6mm and 4 on right between 6 and 8mm. I can't help but be totally disappointed. I have DOR so I know I have less than other women my age (33) but I thought I'd have more than that. Am I being stupid to be disappointed? Can I still get an ok number of eggs from that many follicles? Eugh IVF brain overthinks everything!

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I think you can yes. And remember this is a baseline scan. Once you have EC you may be pleasantly surprised. Good luck xx

Of course you can. My friend had only 4 eggs, 1 embryo transferred, nothing to freeze and had a healthy baby from that. You are only 33 so there is a good chance the quality of your eggs is very good even though the count is a bit low. Good luck x


Hi claireyana. You're not at egg collection yet, so fingers crossed all will have improved by then. Good luck! Diane

Hi I am the same as you and 33! I was told at first scan that I had 7 folicals, in my last scan before trigger shot I was told I had around 10. In the end they got 7 eggs and 5 fertilised. I had one transferred (on my 2WW) and had one to be frozen.

I was a little disappointed but remember it only takes one! Just try not to get to disheartened good luck! Xx

I was very similar and on my collection they only managed to collect two eggs! When the dr came in to tell me I was devastated but he said it only takes one! That transfer failed but my second egg fET was successful and I’m currently 9 weeks 5 days so try and stay positive and remember it only takes one xx

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear. My latest scan was still showing 6 in total, biggest was 13 and the smallest was 5. My doctor was quite disappointed but said he wouldn't cancel unless there are 4 or fewer follicles. I just really wanted to have some to freeze as it's our first round and I know our chances are low. You're right-it only takes one xxx

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As I said I only had 2, had a fresh transfer and one frozen and my second attempt with the frozen egg had been successful! Best of luck ! Everything is crossed for you x

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