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PUPO - my first FET ✅


I had my transfer done yesterday. It is my first FET as I only had 2 fresh in the past. We decided to transfer 1 embryo 5AB that was hatching, our best graded embryo that is PGS tested. I was pleasantly surprised to see my embryo in a dish, my heart just melted. It is so, so small I was shocked! They are a big fighters I have no doubts about this now! Our embryoscoping baby ❤️

Before my transfer I had my progesteron checked and guess what, to no surprise it came low 7.95mg/l when my clinic expected it to be at least 10. I am not absorbing pessaries so I am now on progesteron injections, huh what a joy!! They are so painful and I had only one done last night 🥺😬 Having these results make me think that I had 2 biochemicals possible because I didn't had enough progesteron and NHS wasn't bothered to check it. I was always spotting 2-3 days before my OTD even my pregnancy tests were all positive.

I am also taking blood thinner injections and lots of other tables. I must admit I am a bit overwhelmed but all of these for one reason to bring my baby into the world 😍

I wish a very good luck to all of us and lots of love and baby dust! 💕🐣

PS: sorry for the long post, I am a bit chatty while on bed rest 😂😉❤️ and I again chose to share my story because you guys are bringing me luck. Love you all & hugs 🤗

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Yay! Exciting times :) Wishing you lots of luck :)

Did you have your progesterone timings changed after your ERA? Or were you receptive?


Ranchu90 in reply to Millbanks

I am receptive according to ERA test so no changes to my progesteron before transfer.

Thank you for your wishes ☺️

Millbanks in reply to Ranchu90

Well that's one less thing to worry about :) Enjoy your bed rest! xx

awww good luck with the 2ww I have another week to go as clinic won't do my bloods until my self quarantine is over x

Ranchu90 in reply to raxi

Thank you! You can do them with medicheck, order the blood test online. I will also be on quarantine on my OTD 😂

Hey, looks like a wee super star here....beautiful! I was also one of those that didn't absorb the pessaries very well and Im sure it caused us lots of issues too like bleeding before OTD and NHS said that wasn't possible!?! Im glad you have got that part covered! The injections are a pain but worth it if it works. Wishing you loads of luck and enjoy your bed rest whilst you can!!xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you! I can swear that I was thinking of you when they told me that I didn't have enough progesteron in my body. I remember very well one of your post about this. Hope you are doing well with 2 beautiful angels 🤰

Cinderella5 in reply to Ranchu90

Im sure there are quite a few of us out there that don't absorb the pessaries well and have been told "that's not possible" when it blooming well is and so important....don't get me started!! Ha ha ha Im doing ok thanks! Ive my 12wk scan tomorrow, very nervous (again lol) but hopefully all is ok!!xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Cinderella5

Wow already! Time flies. Please keep us updated. I am sure everything will be just perfect. Good luck lovely 💖🌷☺️

Cinderella5 in reply to Ranchu90

Thank you, will update when I can!!xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Cinderella5

We will wait, take your time and enjoy these beautiful moments ❤️

Eeeeek 12 week scan already omg Cinderella im sure everything is just fine can't wait to see an update 😍. P.s im not far behind you. 😘💗

Holy moly! I missed your last updates....I don't know how!! What a time you've had of things. Congrats lovely, Im so pleased for you!xx

I didn't post on here, as you've probably seen wasn't appropriate for here. Im more pleased for you hun. How are you feeling about tomorrow, are you still symptoms free? Has any of this sunk in yet? 😘💗

Ahhh yes Ive just noticed that you didn't post on here....that'll be why I couldn't see it! Im really well, occasional migraine, tired and really sore nipples that have appeared with the cold weather but apart from that pretty normal. Nope, none of this has sunk in yet, just doesn't feel real. Im really nervous but then I guess we all are for things like this!xx

Bless you lovely you deserve to have an easy ride during pregnancy considering all you've gone through. Gives you chance to enjoy it more!! Yes its a nerve wracking time but such a relief when all is well. 🤞🏻 for tomorrow hun, will be looking out for your update once your ready. Lots of love 😘💗

Ivf2020A in reply to Cinderella5

Can I just ask a quick question I too bled before OTd and am preparing for an FET she said i would have had progesterone as I produced eggs 🤷‍♀️ So this time I pushed for q progesterone test just before transfer should i test within the 2 week wait as well do u think?

Ranchu90 in reply to Ivf2020A

I am not sure if this question is for me, my clinic advised me to do another progesteron blood test on my OTD.

Cinderella5 in reply to Ivf2020A

I only tested mine on day before transfer then upped my meds necessary.xx

Justus1 in reply to Ivf2020A

I’ve been tested throughout my FET and every 3 days post transfer. As I’ve had issues with my progesterone in the past. I have continue to be tested since my positive. Which has ended up being a good thing as my progesterone dropped last week and they got it in time and adjusted my medication. I am now being tested once a week for now until my 7 week scan. X

Ivf2020A in reply to Justus1

Did you have to push for the testing? As my clinic seemed reluctant so they have just agreed to just before transfer

Justus1 in reply to Ivf2020A

Yep I had to push. Due to my history

Ivf2020A in reply to Justus1

Its so bad we have to keep pushing for stuff bt im glad you did x Thank you and good luck on your journey xx

Wishing you all the luck and baby dust in the world, chat away my love im the same at times. Here's hoping for a relaxing not driving yourself crazy 2ww. We're all here for you when you need us. Good luck my love 🤞🏻😘💗

😂😂 don't worry I will test before OTD I know myself very well 😁 thank you for your kind wishes ❤️

Id be the same hun, we're all here when things start getting crazy.😂 😂 lots of luck and baby dust to you 🤞🏻😘💗

Eek yay! Congratulations lovely. Now sit back and relax, hopefully all your hard work will pay off! xxx

Ranchu90 in reply to Peanutchips

Thank you! This is all I want to worth the effort. Sometimes I am thinking from where I have the strength!?! 🧐🤔😁

Princess day mode on!! 💐💐💐💐

Ranchu90 in reply to Mimisami

😂😂 definitely 💕

Good luck xx

Thank you so much ❤️

EEEk so glad it went well! Good luck for the 2ww xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you, yes all went well. I cannot really believe that I am a PUPO 🤯🤣🤣

Wishing you all the luck and baby dust! You’ve got this🤞🏽xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Natty80

Thank you for your kind wishes 🤠🤗 I appreciate them all 💝

All the best 😊😘xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Lots8788

Thank you ❤️

Great news lovely! All the best for the 2ww 💗 xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Chel91

Thank you! Hope you are better now. I should have replied to your post regarding clinics abroad. We are having treatment in Spain with a very good clinic probably not the cheapest but their professionalism cannot be doubted.

Congratulations on your transfer! Wishing you all the best!

Ranchu90 in reply to Peony85

Thank you 😊❤️🤗

All the best!!! :) :)

Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust! Just had my transfer done and the 2WW begins too! ❤️

Ranchu90 in reply to Rp1411

Thank you! Brilliant lots of 🤰🐣

I also wish you a good luck and let's hope for a positive outcome 🤗😁♥️🥳

Good luck hun xx il be having my first FET next month, I had my fresh one last month so Im just waiting for day 1 x

Ranchu90 in reply to Ivf2020A

Thank you! I wish you also good luck 🤞♥️🤗

Good luck and baby dust!!!🥰🥰🥰

Ranchu90 in reply to ashalez

Thank you! ❤️🤠

Good luck .. fingers crossed and baby dust🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

Thank you very much 💗

Wishing you the best 😘

Ranchu90 in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you very much. Hope you are doing fine lovely ❤️🤗

RhinoCat in reply to Ranchu90

I’m fine 💐😘 sending love and hugs 🤗

Congratulations on being PUPO good luck for the 2ww xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Core

😂 thank you! Very interesting being a PUPO 🤰😉😂🤣

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