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2 embryos transferred or 1?

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Hello Everyone,

I've been reading everyone's post and finally got enough courage to ask my own question. I have 6 fertilized and mature embryos that will be sent for PGS testing this week and will most likely do my FET in November. However, I really want to transfer 2 embryos to see if both take and only have 1 pregnancy. My doctor says he only wants to transfer 1 to avoid any risk and that if I want to transfer 2, I would take on the risk of multiple births and any other risks associated with that. Knowing that I still want to transfer 2. I am 38 with no previous pregnancies. What are your thoughts? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

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I transferred 2 and am now 19 weeks with twins.

Not going to lie it’s physically brutal. I’m

Pretty much on bed rest now but luckily I can work from home. I went on one little walk to the corner shop today and now in agony with pelvic pain so pretty much planning that this is going to be my life for the remainder of the pregnancy. If I had to go to work in a office or on my feet all day there is no way I’d be able to manage

It's such a personal decision - I would always go for one because I'd worry too much about what might happen if both implanted and then one miscarried and endangered the other viable pregnancy. But a lot of ladies on here feel strongly that two is the way to go if you're older (which tbh at 38 I personally wouldn't say you are!). Wishing you lots of luck whichever way you decide to go xx

I was in this camp. 39 no previous pregnancies and I chose to transfer 2 and am now 8+1 pregnant with twins.

It wasn’t even about “completing the family” for me as ideally I’d want 3 it was more my age, the odds and our circumstances.

I understand all the risks, my brother was born at 30 weeks when I was 15, old enough to understand how harrowing preemies are but I wanted the best chance of a live birth for us and my clinic said even with 2 that was 35% and I wasn’t willing for the odds to be any lower than that. Good luck

I am 42 and had 10 great embryos from my last cycle. Before PGS testing them we planned a transfer. The consultant strongly advised against transferring two as it creates unavoidable risks of one affecting the others development and a risky pregnancy and delivey for you and babies . I decided to play it safe and transfer one. (it failed) Of the 9 PGS tested, 3 came back euploid. I will be transferring them one at a time too. I would consider that transferring 2 can lower your chances. Take your time. For something that you have so much invested in, it makes sense not to rush in and do things one step at a time. That is of course just my view and I wish you lots of success whatever you decide. X

I am 39 with no previous pregnancies. I transferred two and am almost 13 weeks with twins. I know everyone is different. I felt really nauseous and still feel tired but am still cycling (15 miles a day) to work (I am a nursery teacher). There are a lot of worries with multiples but so far both my babies are measuring slightly ahead.

I transferred two last time and unfortunately lost one twin at six weeks and the other at seven weeks. We’ll never know why the first didn’t stick but we found out the other one had a chromosome issue. It hasn’t put me off transferring two, though, because I also like the idea of completing our family straight away! It’s a totally personal decision. Although my doctor did say that if one twin doesn’t survive it usually doesn’t affect the other one. I read your story and had to reply as I’m in a very similar situation at the moment - I’ve just sent six embryos off for PGS testing and keeping everything crossed we have something to transfer in November. x

Like Everhopeful35 we transferred two I was 41 at the time (donor egg ivf) but sadly lost one at 5 weeks. Thankfully the other little bean was a fighter and she's our only child as despite having 4 frosties felt I couldnt go through it again. Good luck with whatever you decide lovely x

When I was 38 we did a cycle on the NHS and I was really heavily warned off transferring too, huge lecture and very pressured into only putting one back. I asked it was my choice or theirs and they said mine.....so I put 2 back. To be fair they weren't of the highest quality so chances were slim....BFN. When we moved to private treatment abroad they always opt for 2 as the success rates are better however increased risk of multiples which of course has a high risk of complications, Im now 42. Im currently pregnant with twins and over the moon but yes there are extra risks involved. However I know others that have put back 2 and only had one baby.....also know of a lady who transferred 2 and had 2 set of identical twins!!xx

Hi, I was 38 when I had my 2nd round of ivf and doctor advised to put 2 back on both times was so glad he did am now 38 weeks pregnant with just the 1 baby !! Good luck x

My clinic also advised me to only put 1 embryo in at a time. My transfer date is November 5th! Is your date around then?!

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Mine will be later in November... Thanks for the response. Good luck with your transfer!❤

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Exciting!! My transfer is in the beginning of November if everything goes as planned 🤞🤞good luck with everything

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Thank you, you too!👍🤞

I'm in exactly the same boat too! Had 6 high grade embryos biopsied for PGS testing. Waiting for the results - and for my AF to arrive so that I can start planning for the FET. Hopefully November. Im also debating one or two. I'm 41 now and in good health so my gut feeling is leaning towards 2, but will wait and see what the results are of PGS. Never been pregnant before

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Wow we have the same story... Good luck, I really hope all goes well for you.

I transferred 2, I'm 43 and they always told me the chances are better for 1 to stick, I'm currently pregnant and my numbers from blood came excellent, I will go for my ultrasound on the 15th, good luck with your decision....

Hi, we were advised to have 2 transferred to increase our chance of pregnancy but you could have twins, we were successful 1st time round with 1 healthy baby, now nearly 4 years old. Good luck with your decision and hope it works for you 🤞 xx

THANK YOU so much everyone for your insightful responses. I really appreciate your feedback. I'm really wanting to transfer two... now I have to convince my Dr. And Husband. We are ready for twins but scared if it becomes more than 2... Ultimately we want a healthy family of 4.. 2 kids and 2 adults.

I hope and pray that all goes well for all of you. Thank you!😘❤

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