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July 2020 - IVF ICSI First Cycle!


Hi everyone I'm new I just turned 30 years old my husband is 38 we have been trying for a baby almost 3 years.

he has low motility and morphology we tried pills didn't make a difference :-(

anyway I've been put on Meriofert 300ui

stims day 1 is tomorrow and on day 5 I'm adding Fyremadel 0.25mg

My AMH was kinda on the low side 9.68 in 2019

then this year it went down to 6.4 nurse wasn't too concerned as me. not sure how much it matters...

we're currently with Care Fertility (non NHS because I'm not a UK citizen yet)

I hope to find a cycle buddy x

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Hey SandD2020. :) I am looking for a cycle buddy too! Lol.

I started stims (Menopur 300ui) last night & Fyremedal this morning. This is my 1st round & on short protocol due to the epidemic. Hoping, if all progresses well, that EC will be on the 15th.

All feels very real now. Just hoping that there are no bumps along the way and it's smooth sailing right through to transfer. Good luck starting your stims tomorrow!!

Is this you 1st round as well? Are you on long or short protocol?


Finchee27 in reply to Finchee27

Oh, & we're having ICSI also due to low motility/morphology. x

SandD2020 in reply to Finchee27

o wow yes! this is a short protocol as well! how did your first injections go?

Finchee27 in reply to SandD2020

1st injection (Menopur) was fine, although I dithered for a while due to nerves. Best not to be too slow when putting the needle in. Lol. Made the mistake of being a little slow with the fyremadel this morning and, well, ouch. But they really aren't too bad.

Good luck with your 1st injection, if you haven't done it already? How are you feeling about the whole thing? xx

Hello! I have just had my transfer this week from my first IVF ICSI so further along than you but just wanted to wish you good luck! Your story sounds similar to mine, trying for 2.5 years and husband with low motility and morphology. I am 28 and my amh was 13, I thought that was low for my age but they didn’t bat an eyelid so I got the impression that it didn’t make much difference. As most on the forums say, it’s the quality of the eggs that count not the quantity.

Anyway good luck for your cycle. Wishing you all the best. Xx

Donita33 in reply to EL7815

Hi honey , I had my transfer yesterday from Chelsea and Westminiser hospital been trying for 5yrs. After the first successful IVF end up ectopic pregnancy and second one failed. Then DR had to check my tubes as he said one is damage that’s second one fail but he did repaired them and happy for me to go with next cycle had to use my last frozen embryo . This is my third one and for some reasons am just there open to any unto come as I leave it to God. Am on Cygoest, lubion and some tablets I take 4 times a day.Good luck to everyone 💕💕💕

SandD2020 in reply to EL7815

Hello! wow thank you so much for replying! I will follow you now

good luck !! xx

Hi SandD

I start stimulating injections today too!!! I can't wait for this evening 😂

We have been trying for a baby for 2 years. I have PCOS and hubby has a low count. We were referred for IVF in October. Have started the preparation month twice now. Once at end of January however my bloods came back that I wasn't immune to Rebella so had to have immunisation again. Then again we started again in march but then Covid stopped it all again. So 3rd time lucky!! Fingers crossed as this is the furthest stage we have reached!

Hidden in reply to Daxie24

Good luck!

Daxie24 in reply to Hidden

Thank you!

SandD2020 in reply to Daxie24

ahh we are so happy we finally started injections! how did your first day go? xx

Daxie24 in reply to SandD2020

Shaking and sweating but I done it!!! How about you?

Hey SandD2020 and all the others,

I’m slightly behind you all, am waiting my period to come so I can start meds. This is our first round for male factor - 0% morphology. We have been trying for nearly 2 years and ended up going private as the wait was killing me.

My AMH was 14, i’m nearly 33 the consultant said this was within the normal range for my age.

This is all so daunting would be lovely to find some friends.

Good luck to you all ladies!!!

Hidden in reply to Naddy1

My husband and I are thinking of going private - I have hypogonadism, so I do not have my own eggs. I have one ovary but it is very small (like a raisin apparently, I don’t even like raisins) and the other one is in here somewhere they just can’t find it. Anyway, do you have any advice as to going private? We have not started NHS IVF yet but our application had been sent. We have been told that we might not get an appointment for a year; I don’t want to wait that long, not if we can do it quicker elsewhere.

Thank you. And good luck!

SandD2020 in reply to Hidden

yeah there is a long wait for NHS IVF :-( so sorry about that hun.

We went private through Care fertility they have a refund program through accessfertility.com/ they have different refund programs to choose from we got the 3 cycle 50% refund if we don't have a baby.

once you go private everything goes pretty quickly you should call different clinics around your area see which one is best I do recommend finding a close clinic because you will be in and out all the time x

SandD2020 in reply to Naddy1

Idk how I managed not to go crazy waiting for AF! when is your period due?

we can be friends for sure! xx

July club!!! I’m due to start Stims Monday 😬😬 good luck ladies ✨✨✨

Finchee27 in reply to Sjm1

Good luck to you & everyone else!! Stims aren't as bad as I expected them to be. Lol. I'm day 3 now, so maybe still awaiting side effects? Anyway, thinking of you! Hope this is your month!! :) x

Sjm1 in reply to Finchee27

Oh that’s good to hear the closer it gets the more anxious I’m getting about the injections, I’m ok when someone else is doing it 🤣 Aww thank you so much good luck to you aswell I have my fingers crossed. Keep me updated on your journey hopefully it’s not too long for you ✨✨

Stato in reply to Sjm1

I’m July club too! Best of luck and let’s keep in touch to share advice 👍🏻

Sjm1 in reply to Stato

Good luck for your cycle and yes definitely we can go crazy together 🤪✨✨

SandD2020 in reply to Sjm1

ahh fingers crossed for all of us xx

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