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First fertility clinic app


Heyyy, me and my partner have been ttc for 4years..

all my tests come back normal etc, just been refered to the fertility clinic.. I’m so nervous.. what happens on the first app? I’m so excited and nervous.. we just want to be parents!!!

Can they still help me tc if I’m all healthy etc?

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Hi I don’t have all the answers as everyone’s clinics are different x I just want to say welcome xx my first appointment we had lots of paperwork to sort out x I was weighed and I had some blood tests and I think we discussed different treatment ( it was a while ago now) wishing you the best of luck on your journey xx

Hi I just got referred too on the NHS was so looking forward to my first appointment to see how everything works and the. Corona virus came along and it was cancelled. I’ve even looked into private and everything is on stop (if you haven’t already started anything which i haven’t) I know there is a lot happening in the world but I’m still absolutely gutted. Are you NHS or private?

Jadekemi in reply to Moviemad

Hey, yeah mines nhs too, I haven’t started treatment or anything so I no how you feel, feels like I’ll never get on that first step! X

It just seems like it took so long to get to this point. My docs were so slow with blood tests and husbands sperm samples we didn’t get results for two months! All is normal and then BAM appointment cancelled 😭

Jadekemi in reply to Moviemad

Omg Ours is the same we no exactly how you guys feel!! In a way it’s actually nice to no we’re not alone.. x

Jadekemi in reply to Jadekemi

I only got the referral confirmation today not even a letter :(

Hi your first appointment we got a scan and referred for another scan that they put dye in your tubes to make sure they are not blocked. They do a few tests just to ensure they have all the info they need to decide what,if any treatment is required. One thing to be prepared for is that things won't happen quickly. The NHS are amazing and i really am so thankful however when all you want is baby and time is ticking it feels like you are always waiting for the next Appointment. All the staff are lovely and help put you at ease. Good luck. X

Moviemad in reply to Edinburgh12

How long was it for you before IVF actually started? I’ve heard it can be 6 months plus of tests etc because of the wait inbetween?

Edinburgh12 in reply to Moviemad

I think each clinic is different depending on waiting times. It might be other treatment that works for you and you won't need IVF. From memory: I went to the doctors in January 2018 got seen may at the hospital and had various tests between Jan-october and went on the IVF waiting list Oct 2018. We started IVF the end of August 2019. It goes quickly but slow at the same time! Zx

Jadekemi in reply to Edinburgh12

Hey, thank you, yeah a few people I spoke to said it’s not a fast thing, but I’m just so grateful we’re on the path to a family you no, just nervous Incase anything bad comes from our tests :/ and it’s so gutting with all this virus going on with everything delayed..

Edinburgh12 in reply to Jadekemi

Exactly and with the ball rolling now it is moving in the right direction!

Hi Jadekemi

My husband was due for sperm retrieval surgery yesterday it’s been postponed for at least three months my baseline ultrasound has been cancelled and it’s all on hold for at least 12 weeks.

We are with GRI NHS xx

Sperm retrieval?

I didn’t no that was possible!

This is why I love our nhs and scientists!

I no it must be upsetting for you to wait but Good luck ❤️ here if you ever wanna chat

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