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Hello I’m new 👋 First IVF cycle


Hello everyone,

I’ve just started my first ever IVF cycle and wanted to connect with people as I’m already feeling quite lonely. I find the few people I have spoken to just don’t ‘get it’ if that makes sense.

I’m on the short protocol and am on day 4 of stims. Doing much better than day one when I passed out after injecting myself (I can laugh about it now 🤣🙈🤦‍♀️)

Is anyone else at a similar point on their journey?x

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Welcome! It is quite a unique and difficult journey to understand if you haven't been through it! Oh God when I first started injecting I sat there crying for an hour freaking out, thinking I couldn't do it, and calling to my husband that he might need to do it (which was also freaking me out). I was distraught in case I wasn't able to do it! You PASSED OUT?! Wow. I've just had egg collection, so a bit ahead of you on this cycle, but wanted to wish you a warm welcome nonetheless! xxxxxx

Hi Betsy, just wanted to wish you good luck for the coming weeks. I was never able to inject myself (hubby does it) so you have already reached a milestone I would dream of! I hope you aren’t experiencing any bad side effects. I’ve found the physical side effects not as bad as feared but the emotional stuff quite the rollercoaster! But this group are truly amazing and I’m sure there will be lots of people to support you along the way xx

Thank you both for the lovely warm welcome!! It’s so lovely to connect with people who know what it’s like.

I like the idea of looking at this as another step song in the journey m, so thanks for that 😊

Side effects haven’t been too bad (so far). Been using the mindful IVF app which has been good too but fully aware that I am likely to go a little bit bonkers next week with all the uncertainty of scan dates/egg retrieval dates etc. I’m preparing myself (and my husband) for the craziness, lol.

Thanks again for replying. Would love to keep updated with your journeys too 😊 xxx

Hi Betsy boo, lol ah bless you , I must admit I went over to my mums as she’s a nurse, wouldn’t let hubby do it, wanted to do it myself and I did but then felt rather lightheaded!!! It gets better as you’ve already seen. It’s such an exciting time, look forward to hearing your updates xxx

BetsyBo in reply to Luna_79

Thanks for your reply! I think it has been getting easier like you said but nervous when I start taking the two injections tmrw 🙈 we shall see how that goes 😂 x

Wishing you lots of luck. This is definitely a group that ‘gets it’ xx

BetsyBo in reply to Pma2020

Thank you x

wishing you lots of luck 🤗 the injections get much much easier! I would take injections over nasal spray and peassaries any day for nuisance value 🤣 this sight is amazing for support and understanding xx

BetsyBo in reply to Twiglet2

Thank you so much!x really glad to have found this app as already feeling the love 🥰 xxx

This site is a life saver . Honestly just go through the threads and keep participating it is a real welcome help from previous experience.

Hope your injections keep getting better! They will as you get more used to them. Be kind to yourself.

Good luck lovely xxx

BetsyBo in reply to crisps88

Thanks so much. Got my head around it all then started my second injection today- needle much thicker than the other so found it hard to inject.

Got lightheaded but didn’t pass out 🙌 feeling relieved about that 😂

Now just worrying that my treatment may get stopped because of Covid-19!

Can’t deal with the extra lot of uncertainty in an already stressful and uncertain situation! 🤦‍♀️ xxx

crisps88 in reply to BetsyBo

Is it cetrotide your second injection? That’s good so you’re dealing with them a little better in that you can physically do them.

How are you feeling about everything? Well yes it is such a worry in these definite uncertain times. Xx

BetsyBo in reply to crisps88

My second one is Fyremadel. Just had my day 8 scan. Lining looks good and there’s 8 good sized follicles. I’m booked in for a ten day scan then been told it’s likely that I’ll go for collection on Friday.

It’s all so bloody scary though. Despite reassurance that treatment will continue as planned, there is a chance that’s turned on its head with the virus developing. Such a horrible time. I’m on leave this week so planning on staying in as much as possible x

Hope everyone else is managing the uncertainty and stress xxx

crisps88 in reply to BetsyBo

Yayyyyy lovely news from your scan and huge good luck for Friday. Aw I know it’s so upsetting to think treatments could be disturbed x x

Hi, I am on day 3 of my first cycle. Must admit having so many drugs, needles and a sharps bin in the house is somewhat disturbing - I forgot the electrician was coming round and everything was laid out on the kitchen table - lord knows what he thought! Getting into the swing of things - fortunately I have a friend who has been through ivf so have been able to contact her when I’ve had a wobble but understand the loneliness!

BetsyBo in reply to Maggiemooi

Glad you’ve been getting into the swing of things. Definitely helps to be able to talk to people who understand the process. I’m always so shocked by the general ignorance around it tbh.

How are you getting along in the cycle?

Hope all is well xxx

Maggiemooi in reply to BetsyBo

I was feeling a bit weird and emotional up to yesterday (I was sat sobbing at a cute old couple on ‘Last Tango in Halifax’) actually feel better today after taking the Fyremadel.

I absolutely hate needles ....they say god gives you what you can handle but when I first found out I’d be doing IVF...with all its needles...I though he/she must be having a laugh!

This was my method when I started...

I added an ice pack to the area and while it was chilling I got the needle ready.

Then went into my bedroom, made it really nicely lit, could even light a candle.

I played a favourite song and promised myself my the end of the song it had to be done!

Then you can use the needle to gently test out a few spots, you’ll know that some feel more sharp than others...find a ‘dead spot’ and it won’t hurt as much.

Also, little trick with Cetrotide, my nurse said not to use the wipe. I know that sounds mad, but she said it’s the wipe that’s causing the sting...and she was right! (Obvy make sure your belly is generally clean!)

Hope this helps! Btw I always chose a song from my teen years ...which reminded me of when my eggs were fresh LOL!

That mindful app is great isn’t it, I love listening to the dulcet tones of an Irishman in my ear !

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