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Poor fertilisation


I am looking for some advice. I am on my 3rd full cycle of ivf and after egg retrieval yesterday, collecting 14, I just received a call saying that our fertilisation rate was poor with just 3 being fertilised.

Our previous attempts have always fertilised very well (last time we got 10 from 11). Our problem has always been from about day 3 to 5 when we lose a lot of embryos. 

From scans and bloodtests they had expected that I was on course for about 7/8 eggs yday and were surprised when it was 14.  Is this likely to be a factor?

So what I really would like to know is people think that given the poor success rate whether our 3 fertilised are doomed or if anyone has any more positive experiences?


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We have a similar problem, they fertilise but day 3-5 stop developing. We are now doing fragmentation and dna sperm testing to try find out why.

Good luck x


I have heard of both those treatment but I'm not really sure what they involve and what the proposed benefits are?


Hi I had lots of eggs and fertilised OK in rounds 1 and 2, round 3 they only collected 5 eggs, all made to fertilise, and on day 5 there were 2 embryos put in me and 1 in freezer....so actually did better with less..hang in there...sending lots of love and fingers crossed xxx


As they always say its quality not quantity so hang in there they might be 3 little beauty's xxx 


We had good quality eggs and sperm, both tested and were some of the unlucky ones that none fertilised. They couldn't explain it, said it was like a 1 in 100 chance that we didn't even get 1. I think sometimes it just happens :( we are doing ICSI this time to help it along. Good luck with your 3 embryos I reckon you have a chance. Xxx


Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. The update today was that the three have divided ok but will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. Traditionally this is where things go down hill for us so got to keep everything crossed!!

IVF is certainly a lesson in patience! 

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