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*****Sensitive Post*****

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Well, I've had a really eventful day today! My waters broke exactly 6 weeks early today whilst I was at work! I was blue lighted to our local hospital where they performed a c section as I had no contractions and baby was laying transverse. After a very complicated surgery Alice was born safely at 13.10 weighing in at 4lb 8oz. She's doing really well. We were able to have skin to skin time this evening which was great!

It's been a tough journey to get here and we've still got a way to go but my beautiful baby girl is here! I'm shell shocked!!

Don't give up ladies. I know that this experience is gruelling and full of some of the lowest points you will probably ever experience. Just remember that it could be your chance soon. I wish you all baby dust for whichever stage you are on your own journey.

Hannah T.xx

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Congratulations!!! This is amazing news! Happy to hear that both you and baby are safe and doing well! Enjoy your little miracle 💞💞

Wow amazing! Congratulations to you and thank you for sharing with us! 💕

Wow. Congratulations xx

Congratulations lovely, glad to hear that you are both well.

Thank you for sharing xx

Congrats so happy for you xxx she is just perfect! Enjoy every moment being a mum and it gives us all faith that when the time is right it does happen xx ❤️

Congratulations Hannah, shes gorgeous and just a little button at that size!💗 Hope your doing ok! Enjoy every minute.xxx

Beautiful 🥰 congratulations to you xxx

Awh Hannah she’s beautiful x we’re hoping to call our little one Alice too 😃

I’m so very happy for you all after all you have been through, enjoy every minute 😘😘

Huge congratulations 🥳 you must be over the moon. Alice is lovely xxx

Congratulations x

Congratulations ❤

Congratulations what a scary labour! So glad all worked out xx

Congratulations! Glad your both doing well after a bit of a scary start! That must have been a surprise! She’s just lovely! X

Oh my goodness what a shock! Congratulations Alice is beautiful xx

Many congratulations 😍 She’s beautiful 💞xxx

Congratulations lovely xx

Congratulations she is lovely ❤️Xx

Congratulations Hidden Alice is such a beauty 🥰

Aww congratulations Alice is beautiful hope you are both doing well. ❤️ xxx

Congratulations she’s beautiful 💕 My Mum went into labour with my older sister at work and said it was quite the shock! Glad she’s arrived safely and hope you’re both doing ok xx

Congratulations, shes beautiful xx

Hope you and baby are both doing well xx


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