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No news on embryos between days 1 and 5?!

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Hi everyone. First proper post! I was wondering how common it is for clinics to give you the day 1 fertilisation stats, then nothing until day 5? That's how my clinic does is, it seems.

I'm on second IVF cycle (solo, own eggs with donor sperm). First cycle ended in disaster: 5 eggs removed, all seemed good, but the sperm was totally incompatible and I had zero fertilisation. (Cheeky blighters were just swimming round and round my poor eggs!!) Was told this is really rare, but sometimes genetically the two just hate each other :-( So, zero to freeze or transfer.

Second cycle, changed everything (incl donor, obviously). Had 7 eggs retrieved Wed, told on Thurs (Day 1) that 3 were immature thus no ICSI possible, but that the other 4 all fertilised and looked good. So the clinic wanted to leave them all till day 5 but I'm so anxious that none of them will make it to Monday...I guess if they've all arrested by early Monday morning I'll get the dreaded call not to come in :-( But just wondered if anyone had stories (good or bad) to share, and if anyone else has had to brave it out without updates? xx

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Yes we only had the fertilisation call and then a day 5 update. It feels like forever but tbh I think daily updates would have made me too anxious.

Your 2nd cycle is sounding much more positive so will be keeping everything crossed! Good luck xx

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Ah thank you Solly-44! It's definitely an improvement on my first go 👍xx

I had an update on day 3 but it didn't make me any less anxious as I knew I still had to wait and see on day 5. I hated the waiting bit. Try to keep busy if you can xx

Urgh, you're right Keepingfaith85 - the wait sucks 😣. Doing my best to keep my brain occupied- zero I can do at this point, after all xx

Same here, apart from the 2ww, the second worst wait of my life!!! Good luck!!! Xxx

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AuroraXen in reply to HollyT7

If I make it to Embryo Transfer I reckon I'll be climbing the walls on 2WW! So so hoping I get the chance at least though xx

Ours also said they’d call on day 5 only but I called them on day 3 and 4 for an update 🤦🏼‍♀️ xxx

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Ah that's maybe whatI should have done Millbanks 😂 Think I remember the clinic saying they actually don't check them and find leaving them totally undisturbed works best for them 🤷‍♀️. I just have to tell myself they're the experts in this and I need to trust their judgement. Hard though! xx

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Millbanks in reply to AuroraXen

Ah! Yes definitely, they know best 😬💖

Hi, this is my first cycle, egg collection yesterday and they called today so 3 out of the 4 eggs fertilised and we aiming for day transfer 5. They said if all good we won’t hear anything until 24 hours before day 5 transfer. They also said if not going well, they will call me tomorrow.... for day 2 transfer ... so no news is good news I guess! I really tempted to call tomorrow just to check though but don’t want to annoy them! The waiting game is nerve wrecking! Good luck! X

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Ah that makes sense Nic... I did ask the embryologist if they do Day 3 transfers and she said not as often as they used to: and that they tend to only offer that if there are maybe 1 or 2 fertilised eggs. Seems such a hard call to make though! Such a fine line... with 3 or 4 embryos, wait for Day 5, whereas 1-2 means they'll be open to Day 3 Transfer? 😣 Just keeping everything crossed... for you too! Xx

We had day 1, 3 , 5 and 6 day calls. These were nice to break up the time but as our journey started off as 5 fertilised and finished only 1 day 5 to freeze , I would have vomited at just a day 5 call. I liked the journey being explained but everyone is different. At the end of the day maybe your clinic don’t like to hype people up and day 5 news is what really counts anyway . Bless your heart waiting and hoping 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😘💐💐💐💐 I’m in on Monday if my only embryo survives the dreaded thaw 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🤗🤗 hopefully we can journey together 🤞🏻🌟🌟🌟💐💐💐💐💐😘🤗

Rhinocat x

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AuroraXen in reply to RhinoCat

Ah thanks so much for sharing RhinoCat. I keep telling myself to trust the embryologists, as they're the experts after all! And I do. But I keep thinking, is it all over already and I don't even know it? 🤔😢Think one of the hardest things in IVF is that when you've had really unexpectedly bad news, something you didn't even know could go wrong, the fear of experiencing that shock and dread again becomes so acute... Anyway, really really hope we both have something to transfer Monday 💞xx

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RhinoCat in reply to AuroraXen

It’s so hard. Love and hugs 💐


I had my first egg collection on Monday and my clinic won’t give you updates until day 5 unless something changes. So I guess if it was looking dicey on day 3 they would have rang me and told me to come in for a transfer. I’m really hoping I get to freeze as my lining is pants at the moment. I find out tomorrow 😬. Good luck for Monday!! Xx

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AuroraXen in reply to EmGLA

Thank you for sharing EmGLA- Hope you get good news tomorrow! Great sign that they haven't called you yet though. Fingers crossed for your lining xx

Aww I was so anxious waiting for these phone calls!! My clinic updated me on days 1, 3 and 5. I really hated the waiting, tried to keep myself busy to take my mind of it. Good luck xx

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AuroraXen in reply to Lavender96

Thanks Lavender! I'm trying to practice positive thinking right now 😂👍xx

I think we had updates every day, but that might have been because something seemed to have happened every day! The waiting is the hardest part of the whole IVF process, and there seems to be loads of stages of waiting! I'm one of those people that calls the clinic all the time about different things. They must hate me, but hopefully are used to it as I assume most people are very anxious and have lots of questions and concerns through this!

Sorry to hear your first cycle didn't go well. Glad you have the strength to keep going.

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AuroraXen in reply to ttcemmie

Good that you ask ttcemmie! In my first cycle I actually DIDN'T ask do much, which seems stupid. I always wanted stats and chances of x and y working for my own situation, which I'm sure it's very hard for any doctor to give 😂. I was super keen to go again asap after cycle q failed, as I'd bought a 2 cycle package but more importantly felt so frustrated to have got do far but not reached transfer 😟 xx

Good luck for Monday! 🤞☺️xxx

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AuroraXen in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks CLD! Trying to prepare myself for any eventuality but IVF seems to have a habit of throwing curve balls! xx

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CLDxxx in reply to AuroraXen

Yes I know exactly what you mean 🤦🏻‍♀️xxx

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