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Need some advice on eggs on collection?


Hi all.

Hope you are all as well as you can be on this hard journey.

I have a question 5 years ago I had ICSI with my ex partner who had low sperm count.

I just wanted some advice on that cycle I was age 26. I collected 9 eggs 7 were mature 7 was inserted with sperm but only 5 survived. I ended up with 5 blastocyst apparently good quality ones.

Unfortunately this cycle was unsuccessful and I split with my ex a year later and lost the 4 embryos in storage.

My question is because I am 5 years older. Had laparoscopy to remove endo this was my second laparoscopy and remove cyst from my ovaries, now have only one tube due to ectopic am I expecting my follicule count to be much worse than my last result? Or could it be similar due to being less stressed and being genuinely happy.

I’m having my AMH checked next week and il be honest I’m shitting myself?

Any advice would help.

Thank you 🙏 xxxx

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Hi there, you’re still young enough to potentially have enough follicles to stimulate, although 9 at 26 is a little low. I would just go for a wellness check at the ivf clinic, they’ll be able to tell you how many follicles you have to stimulate and give you blood tests so you know where you stand. Takes the worry out of it I think. Good luck xx

Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully I will have good results but I am scared of the unknown xxxx

I was 30 when I had my 1st round (now 34). I had ICSI too. We got 8 eggs, 6 mature, 4 fertilised but only one mediocre blast - bfn. 2nd round I was only just 32. Had the highest possible dose of meds and only got 6 eggs. 4 mature, 3 fertilised but only one mediocre blast again - bfn. I had some tests done recently because we were deciding whether to do one last go - my results had halved in the 2 years. But they said it just means usually less follicles. See how your AMH is. Your still pretty young so fingers crossed it will be better than you think x

Faith103 in reply to OlsonM

Thanks for your kind words....I’m just praying for a good result next week. I’m scared as I fear so bad il never be a mum xxxx

OlsonM in reply to Faith103

I know that feeling. I’ve had lots of advice from other people on here to say even with lower AMH there’s still a chance. We aren’t going to do IVF again and have decided to start the adoption process. We were recommended to take Impryl by our last consultant to try and improve embryo quality (as she thinks that’s our issue after being told numerous times it’s “unexplained”). We’ve been taking them for 3 months each and have agreed to take them for a year (not cheap). So we will just see what happens. I was happy to take them given there’s nothing else we can do for quality and a consultant has never recommended anything to us before as most don’t believe in vitamins etc. Maybe look them up - can’t hurt xx

Understandable that your nervous, but honestly at 31 now your eggs should still be of pretty good quality, even if they are significantly less in numbers, so don't fret if the AMH comes back lower than you would like. Try not to worry - easier said than done I'm sure! x sorry that you've had a difficult time over the last few years

Faith103 in reply to SharlyWarly

Thanks for your kind’s hard work when you don’t know what is happening. I just keep trying to tell myself I’m still quite young but I’m worried as I didn’t get that many eggs on my last go 5 years ago but the good thing was I got all blastocyst xxxx I’m scared for my result of AMH

SharlyWarly in reply to Faith103

Clinics use AMH as a guide for your medication protocol so it really isn't the be all and end all. I know it's hard when you get less eggs than you thought you would (my life since we started IVF!!!). I would imagine that events in your life since 5 years ago have made you a lot more nervous - what a shit to split with an ex and not be able to use the embryos, let alone the ectopic! I bet even if the AMH is low you've still got great quality eggs so hopefully none of it will really matter in the end x Let us know how you get on next week. Don't forget the quality is more important than anything else, you don't want to make 500 babies, just 1 (or 2 or 3!) great ones!! you don't need loads of eggs for that :-)

Yes your right. Is egg quality down to FSH levels. I think because when I last did my ICSI with my ex partner my head were all over because of how much ex was treating me due to being in an abusive relationship I never asked any of my results so I’m going into this blind. I feel like I’m starting from scratch because my last ivf cycle was all a blur and at the time I was unsure I was doing the right thing and I was so stressed. How are you getting on? It must be so hard keep going through cycles I’ve only had one and I know how stressed I was at that time.xxxx

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