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Hi girls,

I feel cramping (not painful) similar to when I get my period. I have started making google my best friend again which of course i know is a mistake.

I don’t know how I am supposed to feel after my transfer. Could it be the Progesteron (i am taking tablets)?

Any advise? Thanks xx

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Hope you are ok. The problem with this journey is symptoms feel so similar to a period and no matter how much you search the internet they will all say the same. You can’t really have an accurate answer until your test day. Some people get symptoms and are not pregnant and others get no symptoms and turn out to be pregnant. Be kind to yourself it’s such a hard journey as we tend to look into things a lot more than people without fertility issues. Just have plenty rest wait until test day and stay away from google. Your not out until test proves otherwise. Be strong and wish you luck xxxx

Thank you Faith

I need to stop letting it mess with my head xx

I have period pain symptoms to I even took pain killers yesterday thought I was coming on !! Hope ur ok I been searching google too only messes with our heads lol xx

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Coral86 in reply to Coral86

I had symptoms last time and it was negative xx

Hang on there lovely. I have had period like cramps, in fact had the worst cramps ever (no spotting or bleeding tho) and I was convinced it was game over...

I am now 35 weeks pregnant so try to relax and stay positive xxx

Oh my gosh thanks for telling me that! That gives me hope. I don’t have any bleeding or spotting yet.

Xxx thank you

Hey, I had cramps too. Not as painful as a period but the same sort of feeling. I think it can be a mix of procedure recovery, implantation, drugs, who knows! I was dreading getting my period and having bad news but it worked out positively for us 👍🏻 please don’t worry, there’s lots going going on in there, the only way to tell is a test on the day. Hoping for you xx

Thank you 😊 that really helps xx

The really maddening thing about pregnancy is that everything could be normal. And there’s nothing they can do about anything.

Hey lovely! How are you getting on? Xx

I’ve actually managed :) I still can’t believe it, but I’m now at 8 weeks

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