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5dp5dt...not feeling very confident

Today I am 5dp5dt and am on day 28 of my cycle- my OTD is not until 31st may which seems ages away!!!

I have been feeling positive up until today (I usually have a 28 day cycle) and am now not feeling very cofident. I have had cramping for the past week even before my FET and today I feel like my period is about to come and am bloated!!! I am so tempted to do a test tomorrow but am going to try to hold out till Thursday which will be 9dp5dt - I have not really had any symptoms other than cramping, very tired and I have felt sick- which could be a very heavy AF on its way!!!

I know cramping can be very normal but can it be to the point where you are having hot flushes?

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Hello Lianm8

I didn't have any special symptoms just only side effect from Cyclogest such as constipation, abdominal pain, breast tenderness, windy ahem, nausea and dry mouth.

Try not thinking too much on the symptoms. Some women don't have any signs of pregnancy or symptoms but they've got BFP. I think just take it easy and being positive. I've been watching movies at home then I forgot about days.

I've done my test at day12 and repeat day13,14.

all the best to youx

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Thank you. I had a natural cycle so I've had no meds! So either my period is well on its way or hopefully little one is nestling in 😊

Congratulations on your BFP that's lovely news xxx

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Thank you Lianm8 :)

I wish you all the best and good luck XX


Hot flushes are another lovely side effect of the medication.

Good luck for OTD I really hope you get a BFP.


Thank you but I had a natural cycle so no meds! I'm trying not to stress about it and hoping it's my little embryo nestling in xx


I didn't realise it was a natural cycle, mine were all medicated.

Let's hope it is your body being flooded with pregnancy hormones.

Fingers crossed for a BFP.

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Thank you xx


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