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Has anyone got pregnant naturally after failed IVF fresh cycle?


Hi all. I had a failed IVF this month and looking for some positive stories and hope. With only one tube (age 36) has anyone got pregnant naturally after a fresh embryo transfer?

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There is always hope. I don't have issues with my tubes but last year I had one fresh and two frozen cycles cancelled due to thin endometrial lining, I never even got to transfer an embryo. I had one consultant tell me to look into surragocy. Then in February while impatiently waiting for my follow up consultation I fell pregnant naturally I'd been trying for 3years and I was 37. My little girl is currently 6 weeks old.

It's so hard but stay strong. Wishing you the best of luck.

DJBebe in reply to Waterfall2

What a beautiful experience! I'm not sure what was the reason for the ivf failure because the embryo was of great quality and lining was already 14.2mm on the day of the trigger shot. I had so many hopes but sadly didn't happen. I'm waiting for my debrief app and see when we can do the FET but will continue to try naturally as well. Xx

Hi DJ! How are you? I hope you are still doing fine. I am sorry to hear about your failed IVF cycle. It takes a lot of strength to cope with it. A lot of miracles can happen. I have also seen people making it work naturally after these treatments. i had my baby through surrogacy so i am not aware of it. Well i hope it works for you as a Christmas gift. Please keep us updated. Take care. Stay blessed. Good luck for your next try. Bye!

I am sorry to know about yr failed IVF. A friend of my sis had a negative result with IVF clinic in Poland, but underwent mesotherapy treatment in this clinic, and got pregnant. xx

Hi Bebe! How are you now? I am so sorry for your failed attempt. I have seen like a thousand miracles like this. People fail at this treatments and suddenly one day it works out naturally. Well that was not the case with my journey. I was not able to make it work naturally even after so many tries. Although IVF was able to help me out when i changed my clinics. So i will suggest you to do that, change your clinics and maybe the results change as well. I hope this helps you. Good luck! Take care. Stay blessed. Bye!

Hey Bebe! I hope you are doing better now. You can try and see if it works, you will be so lucky if it works out. There's nothing bad in trying. So just give it a try. I have seen many people who got pregnant after their treatments naturally. I am positive that you will also be able to make it work. But even if you don't, nothing to feel bad about. You are also going to have treatment with it. I still hope you get to make it work. Stay blessed. Take care. Good luck! Bye!

Hi DJbebe .

I’m like u have only one tube and still can get pregnant naturally ( that what doc said few years ago after operation).

We did try after that for about a year but didn’t happen so we went through ivf which didn’t work so we continue “trying “and take time. So year after we change the clinic and done second fresh cycle ...and my baby girl is now 2 years and 7 months old.

After 6 months we had her we start “trying “naturally but nothing so this feb we done another fresh Cycle but didn’t work ...and because we had some frostie in this August we had natural frozen cycle they transferred two and didn’t work .

We being continued to trying but is just not happening 😔

We got last two frostie left so we may try next year .

For me or u is like 50/50 to get pregnant naturally because u not always ovulate from one side and what I know if the one u have was repaired is very depends how “much”was damage and it never gonna be the same and sometimes may block again . I’m really hoping for miracle to happen that way (despite I’m 39)but till then I have my two frostie waiting there ..so Losing 3 embies this year I just hope the one I have will give me my miracle . Hun everyone is different maybe try “not to think”to much of it ...relax track your peak day and see how it goes.

If u don’t mind me asking when did u had your one tube removed and what was the condition the one u got left ? Xx

DJBebe in reply to Olivia1980xxx

Thank you Olivia. I had my tube removed in Aug last year because it was danaged and also had a hydrosalpinx. The tube inhave felt is in a good condition and dr advised it functions normally. We only had 2 embryos, one used for the fresh cycle and one frozen. We are now awaiting to do the FET but in the meantime we are still trying naturally as well.

I am worried because of my age, i am 36. I have normal (lower limit) AMH 11, irregular cycles and don't always ovulate which makes it a bit harder.

Hope things get better for you and you have a healthy 2nd baby soon. Xx

Olivia1980xxx in reply to DJBebe

We being trying natural way since doc give us the green light that I got one tube and there is chances we can get pregnant normal way.... I’m bit flustered because I have regular cycle (like in clock) and I ovulate every month to that point that I don’t need ovulation sticks...and nothing.

Well I know having only one tube is 50% less chances then having two of them but for me ...still I kind of lost hope for that to happen 😔

I have two frostie left so we gonna do one at the time . We had appointment in clinic 2day ...so yep FET #2 will start next month just this time medicated one .

Hun u 36 and your AMH is good .

When u gonna start your cycle?xx

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