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Menstrual cycle after failed ivf


Hi I had a failed round and had a period a week later but now I haven’t had another period for 40 days?! Is this normal? Anyone else experienced this? Xx

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Hi Pollypocket1981

With my full failed rounds I just went back to normal cycles immediately. However I had a round last year which they abandoned before ec due to lack of follicle response and that took 76 days then 54 days before it went back to "normal". Not only that but on top of not getting my period I also experienced hot flushes. I read that that can be a side effect so I felt a little better - but I also worried that I had medicated myself into early menopause!

Hope you don't have to go through that or wait that long xxx

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I had egg collection but none fertilised so maybe it’s a similar thing. I too am experiencing hot flushes so convinced myself I am now going through the menopause! Xx

Camillage in reply to Hidden

It's just a side effect of the drugs. Hopefully you will get back to normal soon xx

IKM43 in reply to Camillage

I thought exactly the same thing. It gave me a huge scare.

Yes, I had this - my last failed cycle I had a period to end the cycle and then my next one was 45 days later - I used to be 26-27 days ALWAYS!! Don't worry, it takes time for everything to settle down so "enjoy" this AF free time!!! x

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Yes I have always been 28 to 30 days every month! We are due to go on holiday in two weeks it will be my luck I will get it then! Xx

Yes I didn’t have one for 38 days after first round of ivf then next one was on time x

We also had failed fertilisation so hubby is now taking anti oxidants and we will also have something called calcium ionophore when they do icsi on the next round. Have they recommended doing something different this time for you? X

Today is the 60th day of my cycle, and only yesterday my period started. In March I had my 4th ivf - this one failed as well. Unlike first three, this one was a long protocol. I was supposed to do my blood test on the 9th, but the bleeding started on the 7th of March. It lasted for 7 days, heavy flow, and another 7 days spotting. After that nothing. I went to see my doctor and she told me that all if fine and let's see how the body recovers. My period was very late and I had hot flushes (even though I think acupuncture and moxibustion had something to contribute to it.). I am 43 now, soon will be 44 and I felt very depressed. On the 43rd day of my cycle I went to see my doctor again and actually my endometrium was 9mm thick and I had two follicles, 20 and 12mm. I believe I ovulated two days later. I went to see the doctor again on the day 55th and she said my endometrium was 11mm and no follicles. Finally, on the day 59th my period finally came. Let's see how it goes from here.

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