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Best tips for FET


Hi gorgeous women,

I won’t be cycling til next summer as need to save some pennies before third time lucky with donor eggs.

My work colleague however, has just started her period and will be whacking her final Frostie back in once her womb is ready.

Any cute stories of how you got lucky?



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Hey lovely, I am afraid I don't have any tips but wanted to say hello and hope you are doing ok. Exciting to hear about the donor plans for next summer, must be frustrating to wait but I am sure the time will fly by and nice to have a plan too. Lots of love xx

Thanks lovely one. How’s things your end? Keep faith and carry chocolate xx

Hey lovely, hope you’re ok?

I had my appointment with my consultant last week regarding my upcoming FET and asked this question.

She said, plenty of veg, oily fish and cod liver tablets, drink 2l of water but most of all relax.

I take aspirin as have high blood pressure and she advised me to never stop taking it during this time as it helps with blood flow. Might be something for your colleague to check.

Good luck to your her! Xxx

SparkleCock in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks honey. When’s D day for you? Wishing for Xmas miracles. Why not eh? Xxx

No tips or stories but we had our FET on Friday so in the 2ww. I’ve just been told to eat healthy and keep hydrated 😊 I’ve been taking pregnancare since way before we started treatment and have been told once I finish this packet to make sure I take folic acid daily xx

SparkleCock in reply to amyw_15

Aw. That’s great. Good luck to you honey. Christmas miracles I hope! xxx

Hi lovely! I’m so happy you’re trying again 💖 have everything crossed for you. Xxx

Thanks sweetie. How are you getting on? Back in the ring or having a treat filled Xmas? Xx

Just got my first BFN today. Feeling pretty poop but I don’t know why I expected anything else... having a little pity party here. So frustrated as all the signs were good. Really want some more tests doing before we move on to the next. I’ve probably got natural killer cells knowing my luck... how are you feeling about it all? Donor eggs? Xx

Oh noooo! I’m so sorry!! I remember that heartbreak so well. Yes. The more tests the better. I guess at least I feel like I did everything which eases the heartache a little? Yeah. I’ve not committed to donor yet but at almost 44 it seems most sensible. If I were younger I’d keep going as getting decent yield and embryos but I’m always such a cock eyed optimist it’s hard to be super realistic. I still keep dreaming it will happen naturally! But after six years of no contraception that is highly unlikely. I hope you can splurge on something today? Expensive treat for yourself? At least a horribly expensive bottle of wine? Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs and love xxx

Thank you. It’s so tough isn’t it. Fingers crossed next time works... we’re so lucky that we get 3 rounds on the NHS so we can keep going for a bit.

I’ve heard of lots of people having luck with donor eggs, I guess the quality is better. But it must be a tough call. Like you say, it’s not easy to let go.

Ha! Pregnant naturally!! You lunatic!! Imagine if life were that easy xxx

Haha! God you’re right! Feel like we’re trapped in some dystopian future where normal conception is impossible! Next stop Handmaid’s Tale 😱 yeah I’ve spent 20 thousand pounds already as over 40... on travel, hotels, every imaginable treatment. When I finally meet my child they will be one of the most wanted ever! So glad you have two more free goes. That’s wonderful. To not have the financial stress as well xxx

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