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Fragmented embryos on Day 2 - any hope? 😢


Dear all,

I haven’t left my bed since EC because I have been so depressed.

I had my worst cycle yet: just five eggs, four mature, and now three embryos.

The clinic called and told me they were all fragmented, but they will keep watching them just in case.

Should I prepare myself for no blastocysts again?

I just can’t believe this is happening. I have high AMH and I am 36 years old, I used a proven donor, but I never have any blastocysts.

In my last two cycles I had 27 eggs and just one blastocyst. Is it time to just admit defeat and start accepting that I need a donor? Are my eggs that bad?

I just don’t know how to recover from this constant heartbreak 💔

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Oh Anna I’m so sorry. This is such an awful journey. I don’t have any words of wisdom, but just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you.

I know you feel really miserable but just try and go out for a little walk, or do something nice. Stewing in bed probably isn’t going to help. Just wait and see what happens on day 5. Will keep everything crossed for you xxx

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Thanks so much, I appreciate it x

I’m so sorry you are feeling so bad. I understand the heartbreak and frustration of going through so much and then ending up with poor quality embryos/no blastocysts. But hold on in there and try not to give up hope yet. Like Celloheggy suggested, if you can get yourself out of bed it might help a little. I’ve found distraction can help even if it’s just short-lived. Because unfortunately the reality is that at this stage of the process there is just nothing you can do to help those embryos, the only thing you can do is look after yourself at this really stressful time. I know it’s easier said than done though. Sending you big hugs and hoping you get your blastos 🤞 xxxxx

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Thank you - I have totally lost hope, but I guess with time I will recover. I just don’t know who I am anymore...x

Hello Anna,

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re not having the journey you hoped for, but try to stay positive, (although I know this can seem impossible at times) .. you never know you may get a blastocyst. Definitely agree with the others and go for a little walk, fresh air I’m sure will help you feel, even that slight bit better.

Have you taken any supplements to help egg quality at all? I can highly recommend Co-Q10 (Lamberts brand) and NHP Fertility Support for Woman (folic acid and lots of other good vitamins). Also have you ever thought about switching to chemical free products (toiletries and house cleaning products). From experience I’m confident that these changes helped me with my fertility. Don’t give up hope. Happy to help you in anyway I can. And keeping my fingers crossed for your 3 embryos x

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Thanks so much...I just never get an blastocysts...never anything to freeze...I just don’t understand when I have high AMH and I am still under 37 💔

I have tried everything - CQ10, no fragrance, natural cleaning products, no alcohol in a year, organic food, folic first cycle was my best cycle last year and I hadn’t done any of that, so it clearly doesn’t work for me 😢

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That is confusing when you have a high AMH and are still young. Do you have a stressful job? Are you able to balance your stress levels and have you ever tried Vitamin D with K2. I always found that after a holiday or when I’ve managed to take time off from work to have treatment the results have been more promising. Ive also taken a high dose of Vitamin D with K2 this time because of winter and feel this may have helped.

I think trying to eliminate stress is a good thing and also to try not to focus on the subject to much (I know this can feel impossible at times, but almost trying to forget it whilst still trying). For the first time this cycle I’ve actually had the odd small glass of wine, as my consultant told me that a study showed those who went almost cold turkey (me) versus those who cut down to the odd drink, they had the better outcome. Think being relaxed is key. Your first cycle was maybe best yet, as you were more relaxed to it (you didn’t know everything you know now and had but all the changes in place). It’s almost like keep up the good work with the food/supplements etc but take a few steps back and allow yourself a treat, the odd glass of wine, and think about other things in your life and try switch off a little to the baby journey.

It’s hard, it’s really hard and if there was only a magic wand for us all. But keep strong and try keep positive and I’m certain you will reach your goal x

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I quit my job and I have been taking maximum Vitamin D - I have basically done everything possible, and my results keep getting worse 😢

I am having wine today though....first time in 12 months...seriously need it! ❤️

Thanks again for all your support xx

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Good for you! I don’t blame you one bit, you deserve it for everything you have done. I really hope you get your blastocyst 🤞🏻(Remember you only need one) Sending you positive vibes and luck xx

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Thank you xx

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