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Good tips for having BFPs after frozen embryo transfers


Hi ladies, I am 42 and will be having my first frozen embryo transfer scheduled for early December. Could anyone please share any good tips for having bfps after frozen embryos transferred? I would really appreciate your help in advance!

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Hi, funnily enough this is a tricky one! There are lots of things people swear by but as with all things pregnancy and ivf there is often very little in the way of evidence base. your clinic will give you a list of dos and don'ts but I would say distraction is key. Be selfish and try to do little things that you enjoy and that keep you calm and relaxed. Line up some Netflix, some nice days out with your partner, nice meals if you are a foodie. Both my daughters were FETs and I know i felt a million dollars physically compared to when i had a fresh transfer, as obvs no drugs in my system! Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

Dreambaby in reply to jenny34

Thanks so much for your good vibes and great tips!!! Xxx

I’m hoping to have mine around then too 🤞 wishing you lots of luck! Xx

Dreambaby in reply to CLDxxx

Wish you lots of luck too! Xxx

Demand progesterone supply. A large Swedish study suggests higher success rates using progesterone also with FET in natural cycle. Also, if it's not too late, you could discuss with your clinique using Letrozol five days from third menstrimuation day for boosting your own hormones. I had both Letrozol and Progesterone supply, believing the progesterone was the main success factor, but can't say the other one didn't contribute...

Many thanks! Xxx


Hi Freambaby. Just wanted to wish you every good luck with this. All I can say is to rest when you can and eat well with plenty of pineapple for pudding! Seems to be the "in" thing at the moment. Diane

Thanks so much!!! Xx

From what I read from other forums if you eat pineapple don't take aspirin cos both are for blood thinning

From the book I read take pre natal that has 800mcg methyl folate n vit D

Dreambaby in reply to GPmum

Thanks a lot!!! Xxx

Just wanted to say good luck I think everyone is different and not sure one size fits all although I think being kind to yourself in the 2ww is really important xx

Dreambaby in reply to Core

Thanks for your best wishes!!!

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