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Bloated and pain after egg collection


So I just had my egg collection about 2 days ago, currently feeling pain and bloated though the pain has reduced but the bloating is really bad and making me so uncomfortable. Anyone experience that and what did you do to reduce the bloating

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I had mine 3 weeks ago and I was bloated and pain for a week. Keep and eye if it gets worse contact your clinic may be ohss but generally lots of water is the key and non bloating foods.

Hope it went all ok xxx

Charrme in reply to amandac84

Thank you, am hopeful it gets better , but mine feeling that pain and bloated for 1 week it really scarce me


Hi charrme.

Yeh I experienced it! It was so painful. I also had a bit of a bad experience during the egg retrieval whereby I was most certainly not sedated enough and I ended up having to have gas and air because the pain was that bad during the procedure.

The nurses told me it was likely due to my resistance to the meds (like I'd had them before or something lol), and also that it seemed that I have very sensitive ovaries. I found that the 'pressure' like pain finally started subsiding about a week after the egg retrieval.

We had a 3 day transfer as we only got 1 fertilised egg and then found out on Saturday that we got a BFP!! So yes a painful experience but totally worth it.

The only thing I can say to do that can help is rest, and try to go and pee before you actually need to as this helps reduce the pressure pain.

Good luck with the rest of your journey, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Charrme in reply to Hidden

Thank you Ladychamps, felt kind of relief cos I was really scared as I thought maybe something must have gone wrong but have called the Clinic and they also confirmed that it's normal and will get better with time


Last year when I did my egg collection I was also bloated and had pain for a week. I had mild OHSS and it was only at last minute that doc decided to do the fresh transfer of a 5 days embryo.

Keep an eye on it and if it gets worse contact your doctor.

I drank a lot of liquids like coconut water and increased my protein intake.

Also doing small walks helped.

After a week I got better. I end up having a BFP but unfortunately it was an ectopic.

Good luck!


Charrme in reply to lucyyyyy

Have started taking lots of liquid and I noticed the more I pee, the better I feel. Sorry you had to go through such. Hope you are ok and hopefully give it another try

lucyyyyy in reply to Charrme

I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

I kept on trying... luckily I had some frosties so currently I'm 21 weeks pregnant after FET#2. :)

Charrme in reply to lucyyyyy

Congratulations, really happy for you. Hoping to share my good news soon

lucyyyyy in reply to Charrme

Fingers crossed!! :)

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