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Multicycle IVF or one try at a time?


The clinic offers either a multicycle IVF or one cycle at a time. Multicycle seems the reasonable thing to do as I don't expect it to work first time but it is so expensive.... How and why have you decided?

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I opted for the 2 fresh multicycle with no refund just for peace of mind, if we get pregnant 1st time then I will have overspent by about £1500 but I don’t mind as it’s not left me stressing over if it didn’t work. It’s £1200 each frozen transfer and £660 to freeze so I figured that even if I had to have a 2nd embryo transferred I’m level then. I’m currently 4 days in to my 1st transfer and I have 3 more frozen and if they all fail then we have another go included too. But what’s not included is the medication for each transfer etc. X

I went for 3 cycle with 50%refund.

My reasoning was that I doubted it would work the first time and I was told I’d need freeze all cycles so it really would be value for money.

If it does work the first time we’ll have lost 5k but will I care, no way!! 😊 x


We did 3 cycles and 70 percent back, I'm starting cycle 3 in a couple of weeks had nothing to freeze.

We have to pay for the drugs on top so very expensive but at least I know if this one fails I can take the remaining money and go abroad.

The only thing I'd say is that it ties you to a hospital, I'd be finding another one for this round if I wasnt tied in.

Best of luck Xx


We chose 3 cycle 50% refund. We chose this because we wanted to give ourselves the best possible chance and knew which ever package we chose would be our only attempts. We were lucky to get 4 blastocysts from our first fresh cycle..sadly we had a mmc on our first go..then a cancelled frozen, then a BFN and most recently a BFP from our final 2 blastocysts. We’ve probably about broken even already, our clinic is very expensive, although I haven’t worked it out exactly. The package includes lots of extras which clinics often say you need! A couple of things worth noting are that the price for the same package can vary a lot in price..we moved clinic and the same package was 2K more. You can withdraw after 2 full cycles or after 2 miscarriages (I really hope this does not happen!), but they can also withdraw the plan after 2 losses-you are subject to medical review to see if you can continue x

Thanks so much everybody! I am not allowed to get one of the refund cycles as I have PCOS but it sounds as if multicycle makes sense. I doubt we will change clinic as this is the only one near by and there is no way I could do all the scans and stuff alongside work with a clinic further away (and husband is quite sensitive to fertility treatment ruling our lives, so he would not be up for this). I am gonna save for a multicycle then. Also it just runs out in a few years and I can swap fresh cycles for FETs, so in case I have stuff to freeze, that could last me a while. Good luck to you all!

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