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Symptoms really kicking in


Some friends of ours are home visiting from China so a big group of us have been out for dinner. My nausea is very much a gets worse through the day type deal so I'm fine in the mornings and feel like death by this time of day. Had to make my excuses after leaving 3/4 of my dinner to drive home. Had to pull over to be sick at the side of the road in the pouring rain. And I honestly couldn't be happier 😂❤️ Something's happening in there!!

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Ahw that is just awesome news xxx Am so happy for you and glad coz you deserve it kitcat12 xxx

So happy xxxx

Yay that’s awesome! Most of my friends hate the nausea and I feel I’d be celebrating it like yourself if I get pregnant! Best wishes

I’m exactly the same with the sickness being worse in the evening and struggling to eat a full dinner, but yes definately a good sign xxx

I carried ginger nut biscuits around with me all of the time...little but often meals are best. Sometimes they say have something like crackers next to the bed for when you wake up

Hooray for vomiting!!!! Hahaha

Reassurance is nice but nausea really isn't so I hope you can keep it under control. I found it was better to avoid letting my stomach get too empty. It cleared up around week 10 and my energy came back too so hopefully you'll be feeling great just in time for the summer holidays xxx

That's what I'm hoping!! It does tend to ease off after I've eaten but the problem is finding anything I actually want to eat. I just don't want anything. And I'm finding the things I can stomach are just not healthy at all! How are you feeling? You must be near your due date now? x

Just eat what you can manage - there'll be time to eat healthy when you're feeling better. We're doing really well, almost 33 weeks and feeling the size of a house but not too uncomfortable yet xxx

Low vitamin b12 & vit b6 can cause severe morning sickness .I know that now after I vomited for months with my 4 pregnancies including twins.Folic acid suppliments can make it worse Drs won’t tell you this.It might be worth getting your iron ,vitb12 & folate levels checked.Folate & methy B12 sublinguals are the best option to take,

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Funnily enough I have diagnosed low b12 already. I am on injections every 3 months! Had one a few weeks back x

3 months is too far apart It is water soluble & non toxic.If you are a dog here in Australia you receive a weekly injection for life.My hubby & I are genetic mutation Mthfr & are on weekly injections.My elderly mother has been on 3 mthly injection for 6 yrs she has been plagued with nerve pain,joint swelling & bursitis ,memory loss,falls from vertigo & off balance,inability to swallow.Now iron deficient,pale & wasting away .If I could have convinced her dr to give her injections more often she wouldn’t be suffering.

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