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How many follicles for iui?


How many follicles did you have when you triggered for iui? I have one dominant one and two that are smaller but still growing and my smaller pcos army in the background at the moment,so might end up with 3 in a good size. Doctor seems hesitant to go forward if there are 3 but I mean chances that all 3 get fertilised are super low, no? What is your experience?

Thank you :)

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Hi Tigr. All I can say is trust your specialist. Sounds great to have a few babies at once, but not in reality. One or two should do you nicely. hope it goes OK. Diane

Tigr in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you! I would hope for just one as chances are low anyway :) Lets see how they are doing tomorrow. Is just a bit scary to see all of their pcos friends lurking around in the background. I had 15/ovary to start with, so am happy there is at least one that grows faster.

I had one dominant one and 2 smaller ones, so I triggered on the day of the first scan so the other 2 never grew.

Have they said when you will trigger? x

Tigr in reply to Kyell2

Is a bit of a difficult one... the big one is 1.7mm today, the next one 1.3 and no 3 is 1.1 (with their 27 friends being to small to be a threat). They will do another scan tmrw now and if happy I should trigger on Sunday kind of "blind" as they are closed which is why they are worried. They were just so fast! I just started stims on Monday...

Kyell2 in reply to Tigr

Wow that is fast, I was 9 days from starting drugs to IUI and I was totally unprepared to. Hope the other 2 stop growing so your consultant is happy to go ahead Sunday/Monday x

Tigr in reply to Kyell2

It was a bit of a (good) shock!

Thank you :)

Got cancelled. Too many eggs :(

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